Semi-Live-blogging Bad Poker Movie on Cable

by , Apr 26, 2008 | 4:08 pm

Just flipping channels while changing Pokerati’s spark plugs … and Lucky You is on HBO. I’m Tivo’ing it. It’s only fair that if we’re gonna continue to look at this movie as the Greek Tragedy that poker has become, I should actually watch it.

5 minutes in — Dude’s in a pawn shop muttering … losing interest.
7 minutes in — Fontana Room, Sammy Farha saying “raisey daisey” … don’t care … ooh, wait, it’s the fat guy from Borat? At-the-table hand analysis and Andy Bloch’s hat … hmmm.
11 minutes in — Horatio Sanz as Robert Goldfarb?

18 minutes in — OK, tuning out for now. Got better things to do. Online poker joke, ha. Flush got there, damn.

2 Comments to “Painful?
Semi-Live-blogging Bad Poker Movie on Cable

  1. Grundy

    Farha probably only played himself because he thought it would be like Rounders for the Master.

    Turns out, not so much.

  2. Jason B

    Yeah but while you were sleeping, you missed the stud poker don juan “hookin up” with a “out of towner” to steal here $1000 cashier check cause that’s what poker don juans do in vegas! In fact, Im not gonna play “online poker” anymore, I’m just gonna play “online dating”. I’m pretty sure I can cover the buy in and hopefully my “flush” can beat her “pair” and I won’t have to worry about the house taking a rake unless that woman at the bar who says I’m “really cute and inquires if Im here for the convention ….”