State of Nevada Super Bowl Numbers

Casino sports books barely win with Green Bay victory

by , Feb 16, 2011 | 1:42 am

Not super-pokery, but poker players definitely like to bet on sports … and the gamble-wonky might find it interesting what the following data reveals about the economy … let alone the role of sports betting in American culture and the spread.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board released the state’s take on the Super Bowl last week from its 183 sports books. $87.5 million. Not a totally shocking number — bigger than the last two years but nowhere near the glory days of 2006 … and the state lost money in ’08. But what was surprising to me is how much Nevada won — a mere $724k … less than 1 percent of money wagered, and the second smallest amount won by the state in the past decade. I mean she-ot … that’s less than a single Phil Ivey prop bet!

Check out the stats, and discern for yourself …

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7 Comments to “State of Nevada Super Bowl Numbers ”

  1. Pauly

    Those are just the sportsbook numbers, which don’t really affect a casinos bottom line unless it was a major upset like a few years back when the NY Giants beat undefeated New England. The sportsbooks have a few key events where they clean up (outside the Super Bowl), such as March Madness and the regular NFL season.

    Fans who flocked to Vegas for the Super Bowl this year might have blown most of their winnings elsewhere. I’d actually like to see how well the casino properties did with indirect Super Bowl income derived from room occupancy, pit revenue, and food+beverage sales.

  2. Dan Michalski

    Pauly, that may be the most intelligent comment you’ve ever left on this site.

  3. Raimo

    Travis Makar spoke out on Donkdown Radio’s The Cold Call Show tonight. The most interesting turn in the UB scandal in a year for sure.

  4. Dan Michalski

    can you give us a quick synopsis? or at least a minute-marker where to find that part of the discussion on DD?

    poker player arrested … somehow connected to UB scandal. that’s all i got so far. accurate, though?

    i totally dig donkdown radio … but i do admittedly miss a few parts of a few episodes every so often. it’s a long show.

  5. Raimo

    It starts 31 minutes in (before that there is about 5 minutes of verifying that it really is him). He says a lot of interesting things, among those is that he knows where some of the lost hand histories are, that evidence was destroyed on purpose, that Russ H was made a victim to cover up for other cheating at UB. Check it out.

  6. Dan Michalski

    dude, all right. that’s a sale!

  7. Ben Devlin

    Here is the link from Bryan Micon that has the written transcript of the call. Interesting conversation to check out. Wondering what Travis’ lawyer is thinking….