WPT Hard Rock Seminole

by , Apr 28, 2011 | 11:00 pm

Many questions were still left after yesterdays patch watch. We learned that PokerStars informed their players to not wear a patch for this event, but we were left wondering why a couple sites sponsored players were not wearing a patch even though their fellow team members were wearing theirs.

One of those pairs that sent conflicting messages were Maria Ho and Adam Levy. Levy was wearing a UB patch during Day 1 play while Ho was not. Catching up with Ho as play was getting started for Day 2 she stated that the site gave them the choice as to if they wanted to wear a patch or not and she decided that she would not. It appears that Levy may have been influenced by Ho and changed his mind on wearing a UB patch coming into Day 2, as he was spotted wearing a Deep Stacks Live patch but no UB patch.

Along with the UB confusion Jonathan Little and Antonio Esfandiari, both Victory Poker pros, were wearing and not wearing their patches. Esfandiari was the player in this duo who was not wearing his normal patch, although Dan Fleyshman stated via twitter that “The boys will wear them at final table” and that Esfandiari occasionally does not wear his patch on Day 1s and 2s when theres no TV cameras.

With Day 2 in the books Todd Terry sits at the top of the leader board with 296,400. Players will return tomorrow at noon local time with or without their patches for Day 3.

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  1. PokerKnave

    all because a prosecutor wants to make a name for himself…shame on the legislators