Meet the First Free Poker Pros

by , Jun 17, 2011 | 6:42 pm

We were kinda just kidding when we suggested this might be the Year of Free/Subscription Poker. I mean we knew we were gonna see some moves into WSOP poker space by various free American-friendly play money sites … but how that would translate at the 2011 World Series (and beyond) wasn’t so clear. It still isn’t. But Rise, makers of those douchebag-free poker clothes and now an online poker site … is showing that they will indeed be a force in the free poker future … whatever that might mean.

Maria Ho Scotty Nguyen Jean-Robert Bellande Rise Poker Team WSOP

Move over Full Tilt Poker dot net. Scotty Nguyen sends the whole table a virtual Corona!

Personally, I don’t think they coulda picked better pros — Scotty Nguyen, Maria Ho, Jean Robert Bellande, and Dani Stern, aka Ansky (not pictured) — even better than a Team of Brunson, Hellmuth, and Negreanu, imho. If you don’t see why these pictured three +Ansky should do incredibly well @RisePoker … well, I could tell you, but, well … let’s say it goes beyond just “Asian”.

We already know about Maria Ho, already repping Team Choctaw and following that deal up with the biggest cash by a woman in WSOP-Las Vegas history … and here’s a video about Bellande’s 2011 WSOP travails — complete with talk of the grind of going 0-for-8 so far at the Series, and starting off with nearly $20k of make-up. Very real.

The video is done, curiously enough, by a new site ThePokerFarm … an LOL name in the coming Zyngafied poker era.

And though we don’t have any pictures of Ansky … we do have a picture of his license plate, which says a little something about the guy:

7 Comments to “Meet the First Free Poker Pros”

  1. NVMaxima191

    I think WSOP2012 will be full of Free Poker Sponsored Players and Players wanting no Website Affiliations at all.

  2. Nerfhearder

    I think Bellande us Haitian, not Asian.

  3. Dan Michalski

    for sure … i thought about saying it goes beyond 2/3 asian, but that
    woulda just been more confusing.

  4. Scott Diamond

    Bellande is part chinese

  5. Dan Michalski

    really? see, awesome … asian still works!

  6. Arronh01

    Get a “FULL GUILT POKER” t-shirt on ebay today!!! 

  7. Arronh01

    oh, yeah and Jean Robert. I respect you as player now then I did 4 and 5 years ago. Your attitude has improved 100%. Keep it up big fella and hope to play you again soon!