Doyle Brunson to Skip Main Event

by , Jul 4, 2011 | 5:17 am

He said it on Twitter so it’s gotta be true …

Doyle Brunson@TexDolly
No main event for me.maybe the DOJ will stake me.
1:10 AM Jul 4th via Twitter for iPhone

Less than a half hour earlier Brunson tweeted:

Doyle Brunson@TexDolly
Busted… Total nightmare… Goodbye WSOP
12:42 AM Jul 4th via Twitter for iPhone

… which seems about as long as it might take to come up with such a jab at the DOJ.

UPDATE: He changed his mind.

Still looking to get confirmation on how many main events Brunson has missed before. Many seem to recall his sitting out for a few years in the ’80s — as do I — but have yet to find any definitive source on where he stands in the record books for total number of WSOP main events, consecutive or otherwise.

Brunson joins a growing list of prominent big-money pros who have publicly declared their intent to sit out the 2011 WSOP, along with big-money Full Tilters who have gone silent amid severe legal and financial difficulties and thus are expected to be no-shows.

Doyle Brunson
Phil Ivey
Tony G
Howard Lederer
Chris Ferguson

Am I missing anyone? I mean other than Russ Hamilton …

7 Comments to “Doyle Brunson to Skip Main Event”

  1. WindBreak247

    There may be more to it than just 2011 Main Event. A couple days ago he tweeted alluding to the tournament game starting to pass him by and retiring from tourneys if he didn’t have a good $50k.

  2. Aries641

    They will all be back in 2012

  3. BrunoWolfe

    assuming they aren’t in jail for the fraud they perpetrated…

  4. Casey

    You’re an idiot, wolfe…jealous and petty

  5. Johnny Hughes

    When Doyle says “busted” he could mean two things in Texan here. One is broke, no money. The other is arrested or stopped by the laws.
    When Becky Behan took over Binion’s and the World Series, she refused to cash in some of Doyle’s $25,000 chips so he sat out a while from the main event. I was standing with Amarillo Slim when Doyle came in and Slim got Doyle and Becky to sit down and talk, and Doyle was back. Doyle was and is best friends with Jack Binion, and he was on Jack’s side in this family dispute.  The long hours of a tournament are a huge factor, and I believe mighty risky.  Ol’ Doyle has been arrested here in Texas, as have I, by Texas Rangers, city police, and county sheriff’s for the simple act of playing poker. This is different and big scary. Full Tilt is putting heat on all the joints and waking up the laws.

  6. Breen

    Doyle was playing a WSOP event, one of only 3 or 4 that he played, and tweeted that he busted. I think it was the 50K HORSE. Thats all. Go to sleep.

  7. Dan Michalski

    Note the update … Doyle has changed his mind. Said he will play.