Poker Players Pepper Obama w Tweets

by , Jul 6, 2011 | 2:25 pm

Barack Obama was taking questions from the masses today in 140 characters or less. It really is a rather unique evolution in political communication. It’s not too different from standing on a soapbox back in the day … except here the crowd is millions strong, and – bo has enabled his @replies.

The PPA rallied the troops to make sure that of the millions tens of thousands of people jumping up and raising their hands with a question, at least one that got heard was about online poker:

Don’t forget today at 2PM EDT, President Obama will be hosting a Twitter town hall and answering questions tweeted to him. Please take a moment to use Twitter to submit a question asking the President if he supports licensing and regulating online poker by clicking here. To follow the Town Hall as it happens, please click here.

Let’s make our voices heard. Tweet your question to President Obama now!

Proud to play,
Drew Lesofski
Director, Grassroots and External Affairs

I sent mine in. No answer … but we’ll see if @BarackObama maybe includes @Pokerati in his next #FollowFriday.

UPDATE: Follow this guy, New York Times politics blogger, to see what questions got asked and how they got answered.

Though it would be great if Obama could answer a poker player with, “Yes, I support it obv. If I don’t win re-election I will be playing a LOT on” … I wouldn’t really expect the President to express support (or opposition) for a specific bill that isn’t further along in the process of getting to his desk — too many intangibles for him still — nor support or any issue involving Big Casino influence without knowing what the bill is.

But still, this probably won’t be the last White House Tweet-up … we can expect more from Obama and other candidates as the Barton Bill and possibly other poker-relevant legislation moves through Congress. Kinda like calling in to a morning radio show to make a joke about whatever their skit of the day was … you gotta hope eventually poker will get through. And showing a certain type of buzz — even if it doesn’t lead to any specifically answered questions — also plays a role, as you can suspect his staff will be parsing the complete #AskObama Twitter log to give a report that allows the President to theoretically claim to be in touch with the pulse of America.

Check out this video interview with Obama’s former chief blogger on the relevance of a President’s — or any politician’s for that matter — stepping into such a new forum.

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