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I am the lead tournament reporter for the World Poker Tour, and have been covering major tournaments (WPT, WSOP, EPT) since 2004.

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  • Layne Flack’s Statement: Not Guilty!

    07 Mar 2009

    Lara Miller of the PR firm Diamond Draw Management has issued a statement from Layne Flack. Here it is in full:  I attended the Draw Party at Pure on Friday night and then met with my brother, who had flown into Vegas for Heads Up. I was under the impression that I was to play […]

  • NY Times Magazine: The Art of the Bad Beat

    07 Mar 2009

    Virginia Heffernan, a tech writer for the New York Times, has an article about online poker appearing in this Sunday’s The Times Magazine. Heffernan seems to have been hanging around some poker forums and found the self-pity of the “bad beat” story to be worth writing about. (She also refers to 2+2 as a “funny poker […]

  • The Olympic Face of Poker: Vanessa Rousso?

    10 Aug 2008

    While I can’t keep up with all of the Olympic coverage, I’m doing my damnedest. My TiVo has been working in hyperdrive, recording everything airing on NBC, the USA network, and CNBC, and I’m watching a lot and fast-forwarding (with occasional stops) through everything else. With more than 24 hours of coverage a day, it’s […]

  • How Many Olympians Have Played in the WSOP? (Six and counting …)

    09 Aug 2008

    In comparing the Olympics to the World Series of Poker, I didn’t plan to write about this, but Justin Shronk asks: “Have any Olympians ever played in the WSOP?” I stayed awake about an hour last night doing some research (discovering three Olympian/WSOP competitors), and did some follow-up research today after Kevin Mathers added Charles […]

  • What Poker Can Learn From the Olympics

    08 Aug 2008

    In case your Friday night included something more interesting than watching TV (mine didn’t), I’m here to tell you that the summer Olympics “started” with the Opening Ceremonies tonight. Actually, the ceremonies took place about half a day ago in Beijing, but NBC is presenting them in a “plausibly live” format during prime time. Hmmm […]

  • Remember These Non-Poker Gambling Scandals?

    Organizations Rebound While Individuals Pay the Price

    04 Aug 2008

    With all the attention on the UB/Absolute scandal today, I thought I’d offer some perspective on non-poker scandals. And since poker is a “sport” … Sports Illustrated/CNN have compiled a photo gallery representing the 13 biggest “Gambling Scandals in Sports.” (No, UB and Absolute didn’t make the list.) The scandals date from the Black Sox […]

  • The “Sport” of Poker

    Or, Why You’ll Hate BJ Nemeth

    30 Jul 2008

    Let’s get this out of the way up front. Now that I’m joining the Pokerati team (Do I get a jersey? Is number 17 available?), you’re going to see me writing about the “sport” of poker. Then the comments will start. “Poker’s not a sport!” “Are chess and Monopoly sports, too?” “Next you’ll be telling […]