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LAS VEGAS -- An uncensored forum and home to filthy internet chat that keeps it real with poker degens. Moderated by Vegas grinders Bryan Micon and Todd Witteles, who once won a WSOP bracelet in case you didn't know.

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  • Gavin Smith Co-hosts with Lacey Jones Special Guest + Moar

    14 Mar 2012

    Gavin Smith co-hosts today’s episode of DonkDown radio with Micon.  They do a chainsaw checkin where we learn why Kessler will not play the mgm HORSEament anymore.  We talk to special guest Lacey Jones and discuss amongst other things the parking lot…

  • DonkDown Radio – Dutch Boyd vs. 2+2 Chops Pokerati Dan SrslySirius + Moar

    07 Mar 2012

    Today on DonkDown Radio’s “The Cold Call Show” We first discuss with Dutch Boyd a recent summary judgement against him issued by a Nevada court in favor of Mason Malmuth’s Two Plus Two Interactive for over $50k for the cybersquattin…

  • Scott Fischman Talking Old School + Pokerati Dan + Hollywood Dave

    29 Feb 2012

    This fun-filled episode begins with Hollywood Dave Stann joining Bryan Micon for the first episode of DD Radio from the studio.  Epic Poker’s epic fail was discussed.  Special guest Scott Fischman joins the conversation and tells us some awesome old …

  • Dutch Boyd Special Guest + Annie LePaige Mike Matusow on FTP / GBT and Melanie Weisner

    22 Feb 2012

    Today on DonkDown Radio we have on Dutch Boyd as a special guest, and we discuss bitcoins and other things.  Annie LePaige comes on and says some things that sound better when a French Canadian says them, then Mike Matusow tells us what he thinks abou…

  • DD Radio: Jimmy Sommerfeld’s $10 Dealer Appreciation + Jason Somerville is Gay

    15 Feb 2012

    In this episode Micon is joined by Eric Crain for a look at the Poker Tournament Consultant’s controversial “dealer appreciation” $20 to hold some of your stack hostage after your pay and get a receipt for the buy in charge.  In other Somer-somethin…

  • DonkDown Radio Tom McEvoy Getting Raw On Full Tilt

    08 Feb 2012

    Tom McEvoy, WSOP Main Event winner joins us today on DonkDown radio for a very candid discussion on Full Tilt Poker and it’s principles.  Drexel co-hosts and Reggiman is in studio for a fun discussion.  Pokerati Dan talks about some laws and shit, …

  • DonkDown Radio with Jennicide Red Wine Diet, Crazier Mike, and Moar!

    01 Feb 2012

    Jennicide comes on and discusses her new Red Wine-based diet / cleanse that you may have seen on Youtube and her twitter.  Looks like just getting drunk and making eggs to me, but she sets me straight.  John Gumption calls the Venetian, and Poker…

  • DonkDown Radio’s The Cold Call Show for 1-25-2012 Poker Monkey Will Souther

    25 Jan 2012

    Join us today as Drexel and I, Bryan Micon, have on Will “Poker Monkey” Souther on the show to discuss his ongoing feud with Beau Rivage Poker Room manager Johnny Grooms and his subsequent 86’ing from all MGM properties world wide.  Karina and Dre…

  • Donkey Show Girl BACK, Drexel, Kessler, Iceman, SOPA, RIAA, and MOAR

    18 Jan 2012

    Don’t miss this 3+ hour romp of a Cold Call Show as Drexel joins Micon for a huge facial of DonkDown radio.  Jasmina or whatever from the Donkey Show in Oregon on real radio talks to us about Brandon’s advances.  We discuss the last 3 NFL Football …

  • DonkDown Radio 1/11/12 Michael Chow

    11 Jan 2012

    On Today’s DonkDown Radio we have on Michael Chow, Hawaiian Vegas Crew (HVC) member and O8 WSOP bracelet winner.  Reggiman and Adam Schoenfeld join Micon in studio as we crack a bottle of Highland Park 25, a fine single malt.  The show gets intere…