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Dreamy Team Poker

by , Jun 20, 2009 | 1:52 pm

One cool adjustment to this year’s WSOP is that the media tourney will be played Dream Team Poker-style. I think it was a pretty brilliant move. Because even though way back in the day playing in the media event — with Cousin Sal at my table and Jim McManus in the same tourney — was the highlight of my 2004 … over time it’s gotten a little less important to me to spend a WSOP off-day playing in a turbo live event with only a feel-good charity donation on the line. In fact, I’ve missed the last two, because you know, whatever …

But this year, I’ll definitely be back, captaining the Pokerati Hotties:

California Jen
Kevin Mathers

Mathers apparently won’t be able to make it, so playing in his stead will be alternate Robert Goldfarb.

As anyone who has participated in a team poker event has discovered, these things are extra fun. And, frankly, I’m looking forward to accumulating jerseys. You already know about Team Tao of Pokerati — Pauly, Shaniac, and myself … and indeed, we’ll be playing in the real-money event on July 12 (and hopefully July 13). Not only do we want to redeem ourselves, but we figured since DTP took the boldly progressive move of sponsoring our little podcast, the least we could do is buy into their big event.

If you want to play in this $500+60 x3, Team Wicked Chops is hosting an online freeroll (June 25) for a seat on their squad. Tao of Pokerati woulda offered something similar, of course … but we don’t know you, so we couldn’t really take that chance.

Just Look at the Number(s)

by , Jun 1, 2008 | 5:43 pm

You’ll notice a poll on the righthand sidebar inquiring what you think will be the bought-in attendance for the 2008 main event. Though you really haven’t heard too many estimates thrown out there compared to years past, if this were an Ask the Audience question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it wouldn’t get more clear-cut that that — just about everybody thinks participation growth will be relatively flat this year — either a little bigger or a little smaller than last year’s tourney.

Meanwhile. a few dozen events earlier, there were a record-setting 3,929 entrants in event #2 — a $1,500 NLH tourney that has turned out to be the largest prelim field in WSOP history. Interesting to realize how much bigger that is than even the number playing in the main event in 2005 (2.576).

Click below to see the payout structure for this monster field as they whittle their way into the money today: