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TJ Cloutier on Old School Economics

by , Dec 19, 2007 | 6:19 am

TJ Cloutier’s latest column … an interesting if not prescient tale of some poker southern-circuit old-timers that include a game-runner who takes an extra rake right under someone’s nose ($100 a pop); a bookie sent to jail and kicked out of Dallas, Hazzard County-style; and legendary players with a not-so-unique philosophy on credit and debt.

Considering that TJ has been running good of late — and they don’t have craps in Oklahoma — I can’t help but give some thought to the road-gambler ethos he extols, and wonder where it fits in today’s contemporary poker economy:

“I’ve still got 30 days to pay that off,” Jack said, “so quit bothering me.” And the guy left. As the first man was going down the stairs, a second man was walking up them. The door was still open, so Jack let him in.

“I’m down on my luck,” the man cries to Jack. “Could you loan me $10,000 till I get back on my feet?” And Jack peeled the ten grand right out of his pocket and gave it to him! I couldn’t explain Jack Straus any better than telling this story.

One time when we were on the golf course, Straus told me that he liked me because I was like him. “I’m broke one day and have a fortune the next day,” he said, “and I don’t give a damn.”

National Poker Challenge-D
“Alternative” Card Club Shut Down in Arkansas

by , Nov 21, 2007 | 10:46 am

We told you a while back about the National Poker Challenge opening up in Little Rock … on the self-declared, “hey, we are legal!” concept. Authorities (DA included) didn’t agree, and a couple of days ago Little Rock Police went in Prohibition-raid-style (like they said they would) and shut the business down. Bummer … but we kinda saw it coming, no?

[link props: ppa blog]

The NPC peeps arrested still contend their rake-free model — players payed $100/month to be “tracked” — is legal, and plan to fight it in court (just like they said they would).

Could this be the battle some sicko, poli-minded action junkies have been jonesing waiting for — a fight that forces at least one state to deal with outdated laws being applied to a game they didn’t really conceive of way-back-when? If so, this bust seems to be part of the plan. The NPC has/had clubs in Little Rock, Portland, and Memphis, where the company is headquartered. When it comes to poker penalties and the statutes behind them, the game in Arkansas might be softer than just about anywhere else.

Legally Challengeable Poker

by , Sep 10, 2007 | 9:52 am

After much legal sparring and delay, a curious, first-of-its-kind poker room just opened up in Little Rock that publicly challenges the laws — or at least the standing interpretation of them — by running free tournaments that award money prizes. OK, sounds like any legal amateur tourney we’ve got going here … but there’s a catch.

The difference: if you so choose, you can pay $100 a month to be tracked and ranked. Cool! Hmm, is that a legitimate premium service or a cover for a buy-in? Hard to say … I suspect it will be up to the courts to decide. I’m not familiar with the details and nuance of Arkansas gambling laws … but listening to the Little Rock city attorney, I’m not so sure he’s making a strong case, which is probably why the dudes behind Arkansas’ “first ever dedicated poker lounge” came over the top.