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2009 WSOP Schedule Leaks Starting to Sprout

Official: main event will play down to 9, resume in November

by , Jan 25, 2009 | 5:31 pm

A handful of us know a little secret … and are preparing morning posts revealing the details of and changes to the WSOP schedule for 2009. There’s plenty of exciting stuff to discuss, but for the most part, I think all in the poker media are respecting the info embargo. But oops … silly to expect an AP reporter (and editors of AP-subscribing papers) to do the same. After all, the organization known for its WSOP drop-ins that always require at least one poker-media-er to give up his or her feature-table seat has ignored similar requests from generals and presidents before … and the local-paper editor(s) who may or may not actually be the ones behind embargo-shembargo decisions could obviously care less about whatever national security interest related to the WSOP is in play.

Anyhow, the first cat out of the bag, via the San Jose Mercury-News, is that the November Nine concept — 4-month break included — is coming back for another go.