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RE: Carruthers Changes Guilty Plea

by , Oct 5, 2009 | 6:24 am

More on BetonSports honcho David Carruthers’ surprising change of plea (in the UK press). Carruthers, of course, was the executive arrested in Dallas in 2006 — where the American government stepped up the level of their online gambling crackdown, showing the intent of not just confiscating hundreds of millions of dollars at a time, but also putting a new breed of white-collar criminal in prison.

Carruthers Changes Guilty Plea, Delaware=Bogus + Pitbull

Perspectives Weekly

by , Oct 4, 2009 | 7:53 pm

We have two major news stories in online gambling. The first is that former BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers has withdrawn his guilty plea in Missouri. And the second is the closing of Pitbull Poker, with rumors of criminal activity and arrests in Costa Rica. Those stories and other industry news.

Online Gambling News from the US, EU, and UK

Perspectives Weekly (June 26, 2009)

by , Jul 5, 2009 | 11:34 am

Editor’s Note: The previous week’s episode never made it up on Pokerati … but it should’ve — particularly as we enter into a summer-fall of political discourse on the plusses and minuses of online gambling regulation. Specifically, check out about 7 minutes in, where J Todd discusses how our good friends at Betfair were able to help protect the integrity of tennis by alerting authorities to a noticeably heavy bet-load on an obscure Wimbledon match.

Three more guilty pleas in the BetOnSports case in the United States, and the European Commission is now warning the American government to reconsider its ban on online gambling. Plus, industry news from Antigua and Wimbledon.