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Cleveland Cavs Owner Buys into Caesars Online Gambling

by , Apr 4, 2012 | 4:50 am

Prediction: there will be a WSOP-Cleveland this year … or maybe a WSOP-Cincinatti next year … if not both. The Caesars poker empire has made no bones about its expansionist desires … and now the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, through his company Rock Gaming, has bought a $61 million stake in the Empire’s online division, Caesars Interactive Entertainment, parent company to the WSOP, according to filings with the SEC.

Neither Gary Loveman nor Mitch Garber could be reached at Caesars to confirm or deny the rumored buzz Pokerati was hoping to start on this one — that Cleveland is the new Pennsylvania.

Colorful urban blight probably had something to do with Dan Gilbert’s success in bringing casinos (and thereby partnership with Caesars) to Ohio right around the time Harrah’s Interactive was born and Caesars’ online poker/gambling strategy became more official.

Though the grand opening was delayed a few weeks, the Caesars-operated Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland begins taking brick-and-mortar bets May 14.

Police Arrest Suspected Cleveland Poker Bandits

by , May 4, 2009 | 6:03 am

Four masked men robbed a poker game last month — probably a $5/$10 NL game, but not certain — pistol-whipping one of the victims and making off with $78,000. Police arrested two men, ages 18 and 23, a few days ago in connection with the crime:

Here’s what happened, according to Solon police:

Sheffield police arrested the men after seeing them near a parked car off the side of a road. Officers believed they looked suspicious.

As officers approached, they saw the men throw items under the car. The items included credit cards, a drivers license and a concealed weapons permit.

Sheffield police contacted the owner of these items. He told them he was a victim in the poker game robbery.

The suspects had also thrown a wristwatch under the car. The watch belonged to a second victim in the robbery.

Also, police determined that the car the men were driving, a mid-1990s Buick, was purchased with cash the day after the robbery.

One particularly strange thing in this case: all the money from the game was apparently labeled with “WWBD”. What Would Brunson Do?