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Richard Bakovic wins Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament

by , Jul 26, 2010 | 5:51 am

The final day of the $335 Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament concluded with a 6-way deal as Richard Bakovic earned the win for a reported $173,500, according to a Tweet from TD Matt Savage.

Young Phan – 22nd – $4,770
James Pittman – 23rd – $4,770
Sara Chau – 30th – $4,340
Nam Le – 33rd – $4,340
Archie Karas – 41st – $3,900
Joe Tehan – 46th – $3,470
Tony Ma – 86th – $2,170
“Miami” John Cernuto – 102nd – $1,730
David “the Dragon” Pham – 217th – $750
“Hollywood” Dave Stann – 234th – $750
Eric Mizrachi – 239th – $750
Al “Sugar Bear” Barbieri – 259th – $500
Barry Shulman – 300th – $500

Full results can be found at

Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament Day 1e update

by , Jul 25, 2010 | 6:23 am

The final opening day of the $335 Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament drew a field of 896 players, making the total number of entries 3300 on Saturday. This means the tournament finished with a $59,500 overlay in the tournament led by TD extraordinaire Matt Savage and his staff. The day 1e leader was Jesus Delgadillo with 247,500 in chips. The most notable name from day 1e returning Sunday at 2pm is former Team Pokerati member (?) Sara Chau of Dallas with 150,000 in chips.

Players who cashed for a 2nd time in the tournament Saturday: Arguan Roye, Binh Nguyen, Leopoldo Araneta, Tom West, and Wlodzimierz Panasiuk. The full list of players who cashed in the tournament and the payouts for those who’ve made it to the final day are available here. To see the table draw for the 2pm conclusion of the tournament as the winner is expected to earn $173,500, click here. Play resumes with 22 minutes left in level 15, as the blinds will be 1,500/3,000 with a 500 ante.

Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament Day 1d Update

by , Jul 24, 2010 | 5:39 am

Friday afternoon of the $335 Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament drew the largest field with 716 players entering the tournament, with the final 72 making the money. To avoid an overlay, Saturday’s field will need to top 1,100 players. Saturday is expected to be the largest field, with registration available until 4:15pm like the other days of the tournament.

Joe Tehan led the field on Friday with 376,000 in chips, with Don Zewin (72,000) the other name player returning Sunday at 2pm. Among the name players to make the money: David “The Dragon” Pham, Hon Le and “Hollywood Dave” Stann. Friday’s tournament had three players — Abraham Barbarian, Sarjiv Karnataki, and Frank Schram — take advantage of the opportunity to re-enter the tournament and cash for a second time. Barbarian (108,000) and Schram (30,500) did well enough to return on Sunday afternoon.

Full results can be found here and for more details, click on the banner at the top of the page.

Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament Day 1c Update

by , Jul 23, 2010 | 8:42 am

Thursday afternoon brought a field of 596 players for the Commerce Casino’s $335 Million Dollar Guarantee Tournament. So far there has been a total of 1,688 entries into the tournament, with 3,509 entries needed to meet the $1,000,000 guarantee. The day 1c leader is Linh Le with 224,500 in chips. Notables among the final 27 moving on to Sunday include WPT winners Danny Nguyen (140,000), and Nam Le (109,000). Those who picked up some cash, along with another chance to play on Sunday include Eric Hershler and Minh Nguyen. You can find the full results for day 1c here.

Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament – Day 1b update

by , Jul 22, 2010 | 3:08 pm

Day 1b of the $335 Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament drew a field of 563 players Tuesday afternoon, with James Pittman (victim of one of Phil Hellmuth’s classic rants, shown below) led the field with 311,500 in chips. Other notables returning Sunday include Michael Woo (101,500) and Mike Souza (89,500). Notables who earned money but who can try again for a top 27 finish include Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, 2010 WSOP bracelet winner Hoai Pham. Play on Sunday for the 135 players remaining will resume at the earliest level that play ended on the opening days. At this time, day 1b has ended the soonest, on level 16 (1500/3000 with a 500 ante). The full results for day 1b can be found here.

Commerce Guaranteed Million Dollar Tournament – Day 1a update

by , Jul 21, 2010 | 7:02 am

The first of five opening days of the Matt Savage-run $335 Commerce Casino Million Dollar Guarantee tournament drew a field of 529 entries Tuesday afternoon, with the final 54 players making the money. Each day 1 will play down to the final 27, with the day 1 survivors returning Sunday afternoon to play down to a winner. If you bust out early, you’re allowed to enter the tournament on another day 1, meaning one could cash in the me tournament up to five times. Notables already playing Sunday include “Miami John” Cernuto, Tony Ma, Young Phan and Shan Jing. The full list of results can be found here. More information, including structure and payout information, can be found at the banner at the top of the page.