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Friends in Non-Poker Places

by , Jul 18, 2009 | 6:30 pm

Sometimes I think they’re important to have. Other times, um, lol? From Facebook:

J ***** sent you a message.

Subject: WSOP

“You still in the main event? In the money yet?”

Hey, so if all you could play along … I’m thinking of telling him yeah, it’s Day 3, I’m good for like $160k and am thinking of cashing out before I lose it all. Cool? If he asks who’s winning we’ll say Greg Raymer, OK? Ooh, or even better, Phil Ivey … er …

Team Pokerati (not Tom) in the Money (again)

by , Jun 10, 2009 | 11:22 pm

The other two-bracelet holder on our squad, Pat Poels, made the money in $3,000 HORSE.

We’d say follow his progress here, but they’re not really covering him much
— with 46 out of 452 players remaining, many of them plenty big names. (Which is kinda why he’s on Team Pokerati.) At the same time he’s not twittering nor Facebooking his play … so that may become an issue at contract renegotiation time.

As of the current break, he’s got a slightly below average stack.


by , Apr 20, 2009 | 5:49 pm

Doyle Brunson is on the grid, that’s for sure. In his latest blog post, which I read via Facebook, he tells us he’s really getting into Twitter. Here’s his address if you want to follow him:

In doing so, you’ll learn why he’s not playing in the WPT Championship, and that Phil Ivey lost $1 million in Bobby’s Room last night.

And then, back to his blog, he explains to all the Teabaggers out there why he thinks they should STFU!

I headed over to my CPA to get my taxes done and ran into a traffic jam. Hundreds of people were blocking the streets having what they called a “tea party”. I think they were protesting the current financial crisis our nation is going through, but some of the signs were ridiculous. “Impeach Obama”, “What comes after trillions”, “Stop spending our money” and other statements blaming our president. For Pete’s sake, let’s give the guy a chance to straighten this mess up. I got a lot of heat for voting for McCain, but I knew when I cast a late vote, John didn’t have a chance to win. I was just being loyal to the Republican Party. But now that the nation has spoken that they wanted Obama, we should all support him.

Free Idea for Online Poker Sites, Programmers

Facebook app

by , Mar 27, 2009 | 6:08 am

We all have our guilty pleasures … and one of mine is taking corny 7- to 10-question quizzes on Facebook. So far I have learned I should be living in Italy, the Star Wars character I most resemble is Jar-Jar Binks, and the US President I would be is Ulysses S. Grant. I’m sure you are all impressed …

Anyhow, Tuscaloosa Johnny posted a comment that got me thinking:

You sure do like your quizzes. Is there a quiz telling you which poker player you are most like? By the way, U.S. Grant was one of the most incompetent presidents in our history…

That really would be a fun little quiz. Full Tilt or PokerStars … can you get your people on that? Thanks, I would really like to take that quiz, and I’m sure it will be much appreciated by Facebook’s 275 million users, most of whom don’t play poker but probably have a few friends who do.

Pokerati Elsewhere

by , Feb 26, 2009 | 5:35 pm

Everyone’s hustlin’ gigs these days … and beyond status updates to my Facebook page, I’ve found two welcome homes for some non-Pokerati writing — at Bluff, and most recently What’s On … where I let the not-so-poker-geeky Vegas tourists know about happenings of interest from the LV poker scene, such as:

The Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza (which I think ended yesterday or today!) and, coming up, Dream Team Poker.

Microsoft Begins Dealing with Online Cheaters

by , Mar 26, 2008 | 2:01 am

Microsoft, we know, likes to fight … and the company fired their first shot against cheaters in their online Xbox Live community by conducting a little neighborhood sweep. They aren’t banning players, but instead dropping their player points down to zero and marking their profiles with the digital equivalent of a scarlet C. Not sure how that would work in poker … but it shows the relevance of poker issues in a non-poker world, and perhaps suggests some potential allies who have an interest our fights. Online gam(bl)ing and online gaming, after all, aren’t that far apart.

Online video game competitions for money are already in play — the Fifa Interactive World Cup, for example, awards $20k to the winner. And the shoot-em-up game Kwari has started offering real-money competition, where you win cash for kills and the house takes its cut by charging you for ammo. Bullets, chips … tomato, D’amato … Seriously, how familiar does this sound:


Poker Players Need Socializing Too

by , Feb 14, 2008 | 1:40 pm

It seems that MySpace and Facebook just aren’t enough.

In order to give poker players their own special place to waste time socialize with others in the industry and discuss poker happenings, a new site was launched a few weeks ago called Poker Players Social Network .

PPSN features the ability to upload and share photos and videos, connect with others in the community through friends’ lists and joining groups specific to each player’s interests. There are close to 500 members so far, including everyone from Joe Schmoe poker player to some pretty big names like Doyle, Annie, and Hoyt.

I’m not sure what the future holds for PPSN, but it seems to be taking off quite nicely.