Poker Players Need Socializing Too

by , Feb 14, 2008 | 1:40 pm

It seems that MySpace and Facebook just aren’t enough.

In order to give poker players their own special place to waste time socialize with others in the industry and discuss poker happenings, a new site was launched a few weeks ago called Poker Players Social Network .

PPSN features the ability to upload and share photos and videos, connect with others in the community through friends’ lists and joining groups specific to each player’s interests. There are close to 500 members so far, including everyone from Joe Schmoe poker player to some pretty big names like Doyle, Annie, and Hoyt.

I’m not sure what the future holds for PPSN, but it seems to be taking off quite nicely.

7 Comments to “Poker Players Need Socializing Too”

  1. DanM

    I’m not really interested in signing up. What’s in it for me if all the poker pros — and whoever they are paying to run their social networking ops — are already myspace friends?

  2. Ed

    The only good thing about it over myspace is….it isn’t myspace.

  3. California Jen

    The benefit is that everything centers around poker. There are groups to join that link you to other like-minded members. For instance, I am a member of the poker media group, and it gives me access to folks who aren’t my MySpace friends.

  4. Poker Shrink

    I joined because I am powerless over public pressure promoted par poker playing peers.

  5. DanM

    So are you using it, and finding it delightful and functional? Not to be a whiny skeptic … but I get invited to a lot of new poker-on-the-internet endeavors (Yo Shrink!) and I’m especially weary of anyone trying to become the myspace of poker, the youtube of poker, etc. etc.

  6. BJ Nemeth

    Dan —

    I’m not sure how much of it is just the temporary euphoria of something new, but it seems to me to be a pretty useful thing. But I view it as a member of the poker media (for professional contacts), as opposed to a player just looking to add a bunch of “friends” to my page.

    I plan to use it differently than MySpace. That is, I plan to use it.

    I’m curious to know more about the guy who started it, though. His reasons for starting it, his plans for the future, etc.

  7. Scott

    His plans for the future include selling a comprehensive database of degenerate gamblers to someone who is willing to pay a significant sum of money for it. It’s not a bad plan.

    I’m still intrigued by the compulsion to join. I guess it’s like the Elks or the Rotary or the Shriners, though.