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Patrik Antonius on Isildur

by , Dec 10, 2009 | 3:02 pm

Check it out … Phil Gordon (“dean” of the Full Tilt Academy) sits down with one of Isildur’s key opponents, Patrik Antonius, to discuss what’s really going on in these highest-stakes online games vs. the biggest mystery opponent of 2009/in history.

Part 1 is an 18-minute interview where they discuss the Isildur1 phenomenon, the advantages of playing anonymously, and other matters relevant to those risking six- and seven-figure sums against him.

Part 2 gives nearly 30 minutes of actual hand analysis where Antonius discusses what was going through his mind at the time.

Full Tilt College

by , Mar 5, 2009 | 3:13 am

Full Tilt just launched a new offering that they’re pretty proud of — the Full Tilt Poker Academy. It’s basically a copy of CardRunners Daniel Negreanu’s VT Poker University of Phoenix curriculum meets video games … with different Full Tilt pros giving video lessons on all sorts of really specific poker situations, like playing the bubble of a sit-n-go or using pause as a means of deception in 6-handed PLO against two medium stacks to your left and a short stack two to your right with the dog barking on a cloudy day. And then the pros give you little tasks to complete before you move to the next level.

I actually had something to do with this … seriously … if you happen to be watching the vids translated into Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, or about a dozen other languages … Flemish? that was me! Well not exactly … The only Polish I know is “dupa” (which is apparently not a very nice word), but our friends at Full Tilt did need my well-honed, advanced podcast production skills to properly line up the green graph thingies that represent sound. Ability to type was a plus.

Check it out, here. (You can watch the previews and change the languages with ease!)