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The WSOP has a Poker-Palooza & UB/AP sponsoring UFC?

by , Mar 24, 2009 | 6:14 pm

In previous years, the World Series of Poker would hold a Gaming Life Expo during the first four days of their main event. In the good old days (pre-UIGEA) numerous online poker sites would pay to have their own suites where you could stare at their stars, have a pillow fight with strippers models, etc. Nowadays, the GLE has been a scaled down affair where companies try to sell their various poker related products like books, bobble heads, training sites, poker associations, and many other products.

This year, they’ve retooled their GLE into what they’re calling Poker-Palooza. From their website:


The Advent of Poker

by , May 27, 2008 | 7:42 pm

A lot of us WSOP media veterans (this will be Pokerati’s 5th year in attendance, which I think is longer than any other blog) see the World Series as Christmas season for poker. Think about it … right now we’re at about Thanksgiving, and a month from now, the hardcore holidays begin — with the Gaming Expo and main event … and then time to celebrate a new poker year. (Will be a bit different this year, however, without a new champion to ring it in.) It really is pretty impressive when you realize that the WSOP is just another poker brand … and yet poker players all over the world get excited about it. The clicks and shuffles of chips begin this week, and that ever-pokery rattle and hum in the Amazon room won’t stop for nearly 1,100 hours.

What’s new for Pokerati this go-round is that we’re already here. Usually about this time, my personal scramble to get out of Dallas is just beginning, and I’m hoping to arrive before Event #10 while steering clear of the New Mexico and Arizona Highway 5-0. But having crossed the Hoover Dam nearly six months ago … I’m here … yippee. Not sure what to do with myself. I guess I’ll start by reading the official WSOP preview press release — which you can do, too, by clicking below: