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by , Jun 12, 2012 | 6:02 am

Today’s WSOP Boxscore

Matt Matros $454,835 – Event #16 $1,500 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max
Andy Frankenberger $455,899 – Event #17 $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em
Phil Hellmuth $182,793 – Event #18 $2,500 Seven Card Razz
Clifford Goldkind $559,514 – Event #19 $1,500 No Limit Hold’em
Benjamin Scholl $206,760 – Event #20 $5,000 Limit Hold’em

Some days it’s tough to find interesting story lines at the WSOP, Sunday night was not one of those days as both Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey were playing final tables. Hellmuth was looking for his record stretching 12th bracelet and Ivey for his 9th. They both cruised through their tables and both ended up heads up for the bracelet, with the chip lead, at the exact same time.

But it was only Hellmuth who could finish the job as Ivey lost to 2nd time bracelet winner Andy Frankenberger. While Ivey’s family would walk away from the feature table with an unopened bottle of Dom Perignon, Hellmuth was being presented with his 12th WSOP bracelet by his son. Hellmuth was remarkably gracious after his victory and called it a night only after every interview was completed and every fan who wanted an autograph had one.

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Tweet o’ the Day – From Brian Hastings, having to collect his Heads Up prize money. First world problems indeed.

Uncap the One Drop Field – Rich Ryan at PokerNews wrote an OpEd stating the WSOP should remove the 48 player cap on the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop event later this summer to allow as many players to enter. Opinions vary but Tom Marchese wonders if the numbers are what WSOP promoted.

Isildur1 Hits the Cash Games – Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was the poster child for insane online cash games but not much of that has translated to WSOP success. He picked up his first 2012 WSOP cash this weekend but cash game players gotta play cash games. CardPlayer reports he’s been playing upcapped games as high as $500-$1,000 in the Rio Pavilion Room.

Ivey Bets Millions on WSOP Bracelet – PokerListings reported a rumor floating around about Phil Ivey betting millions more on bracelet bets. I guess he’ll have to wait for another day and another shot.

BLUFF Video Team– Tatjana Pasalic and food trucks. Nothing else really needs to be said.


by , Jun 2, 2012 | 10:25 am

Brent Hanks

Today’s WSOP Boxscore

Brent Hanks $517,725 – Event #2 $1,500 No Limit Hold’em
Leif Force $207,708 – Event #3 $3,000 Heads-Up NLH/PLO
Cory Zeidman $201,559 – Event #4 $1,500 Stud Hi Lo
Nick Jivkov $189,818 – Event #5 $1,500 Pot Limit Hold’em

Four open event bracelets have been awarded so far this summer and there have already been some impressive final tables. Fan favorite Brent “Bhanks11” Hanks won his first bracelet at a final table which included Vanessa Selbst, Jacob Bazeley, Andrew Badecker, and JP Kelly. The Stud Hi/Lo tables featured Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Todd Brunson, and Chris Bjorin while the Pot Limit Hold’em had none other than Old Kid Poker Negreanu, Tommy Vedes, and Jon Aguiar.

Just one bracelet to be won today and the $1,500 Stud has the biggest names atop of the leaderboard. David Williams leads followed by Andy Bloch and Barry Greenstein. $126,363 for first place and a fancy bracelet. Bloch is trying to get off the confounded “best players to not have won a WSOP event” list.

Aside from the action inside the Rio, it seems like a battle was being fought in the suburbs at the house warming party of Vanessa Rousso, Liv Boeree, and Maria Ho. Missing this party was one of my regrets in hitting Vegas a week late but I might have saved myself a little pain. At last report, at least 5 people ended up on the injury report including Ryan “g0lfa” D’Angelo and hostess Liv Boeree with a nasty looking ankle injury.

Lesson for the kids, don’t get drunk and try to do backflips.

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Tweet o’ the Day – Brought to you by @AllenBari who is not generally known for doing anything other than complaining and bragging. Also for winning a crap ton of money, but mostly the complaining and bragging.

Pro-spective with John Monnette – The (top notch and very slick) BLUFF Magazine video team sat down with John Monnette, who explains how a dealer error in the Stud Hi/Lo tournament may have cost him a shot at the bracelet.

Why Female Players Will Break Through at 2012 WSOP – Another WSOP, another article looking at how women will perform. Things are looking great so far with Vanessa Selbst and Xuan Liu making final tables and Annette Obrestad’s deep run in the Mix Max Event.

WSOP 2012: Welcome Back to the Rio – Kristy Arnett and Sarah Grant from PokerNews take a walk around the empty Rio Convention Center.

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by , May 30, 2012 | 3:45 pm

2012 World Series of Poker is underway and there’s already been some complaints and controversy. Plus the return of Phil Ivey. The WSOP always likes to make a big pop with their first open tournament and 2,101 players showed up for the $1,500 NLHE Event #2 on Monday. During these large events over the last few years, the WSOP staff (or perhaps it’s a Rio decision) had a policy to change the women’s room into a men’s room to accommodate the large field.

It’s a foolish thing to do and always draws well deserved complaints. This year it didn’t take long for the anger to force a change in policy after Vanessa Selbst, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and a stream of players to raise their voice. Now we should cross our fingers and hope they don’t repeat the silly flash mob before the Ladie’s Event.

Tempest in a teapot controversy seemed to be John Kim accusing Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek of incorrectly tweeting his bustout hand in Event #2 to deceive backers. Turns out it was the crippling hand he reported but it just means players are now policing the statements of other players spewed out on social media. Thank god we live in the future.

The big story was the long awaited return of Phil Ivey to the WSOP after staying away in 2011 because he’s a douche “I do not believe it is fair that I compete when others cannot.” Twelve months later and the Full Tilt players haven’t been paid back but Ivey’s righteous rage disappeared along with his lawsuit. Ivey has been back in full force playing every event he can fit into his schedule including double dipping today in the Stud/8 and Pot Limit Hold’em. No stories yet of big talking internet kids confronting Ivey.


No open bracelets have been awarded yet but Event #2 will play out later tonight with Vanessa Selbst, Brent “bhanks11” Hanks, Andrew Badecker, and JP Kelly still in line for the title. Chiab “Chips” Saechao, a blackjack dealer from California, won the Casino Employees Event #1 for $70,859 and bragging rights for the year.

Today’s Boxscore

Chiab Saechao $70,859 – WSOP $500 Casino Employees
Phil Hellmuth $7,204 – Record 86th WSOP cash

Link Dump

Explain this Shaun Deeb

$25k Fantasy – This has been running for a few years, a bunch of degens with cash burning a hole in their pocket getting together for a little fantasy poker along with the real deal poker. 11 teams put up the money to draft 8 players auction-style. Phil Ivey was the top player picked followed by Jason Mercier and Daniel Negreanu. Track along as you see fit. BLUFF Magazine’s Lance Bradley handicapped the teams and it looks like Casey Katz is the early favorite.

WSOP By the Numbers – These articles caused one of the sillier WSOP arguments in the media last year. Who cares who started it (or made the most from creative cut/pasting WSOP docs), Jess Welman always did it best. You say Jess isn’t doing them on BLUFF this year? Still worth the look.

Tweet o’ the Day – Brought to you by @killahmcgillah

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New Podcast Recommendations

by , May 24, 2012 | 4:11 pm

So many new podcasts. At least the voices in our heads are staying fresh … and there really is more news and analysis related to poker and gaming and casinos and gambling than you can read all over the internet.

Some shows I recently found and/or enjoyed … you may want to give a listen, and perhaps bookmark for recurring download:

Poker Fraud Alert Forum Radio — I try to steer clear of industry love triangles, but sometimes can’t avoid the latest Donkdown breakup story. New and clique-worthy from Druff and Drexel: the pilot episode of their version of the old show, complete with real newschat about a botched pepper-spray robbery for Bellagio cranberries (as per plans hatched on Craigslist), the felony arrest of alleged exposed Vegas scammer Peter Falcone, and informed tangential discussion of female biology on, off, and under the table.

Vegas Gang Podcast — Pub-style virtual roundtable, featuring gaming industry wonks talking about non-poker casino numbers and constructions stories with a little history and on-air smoking.

CEM Audio Edge — Twitter’s @GamingCounsel (and Pokerati’s own non-binding legal correspondent) Stu Hoegner takes the mic at Casino Enterprise Management for a guest hosting gig and Jersey-style cage match with DC lobbyist and iMega chieftain Joe Brennan, Jr.

UNLV Gaming Podcast — Dr. David Schwartz’s advanced study of degen living, aka UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, provides statistical data set to audio, and sometimes featuring research fellows presenting their findings on matters like, on the episide I heard, the sociology of gambling expansion.


by , May 21, 2012 | 3:22 pm

Another weekend with little activity in the poker world except for the WPT Championship, the WPT Championship’s low turnout, Shaun Deeb acting a greedy player by winning again, and players whining about expired Diamond Cards. I’ll take the slow times this week as next weekend brings about a daily overload of WSOP events and before the degens go broke.

Shaun Deeb is just showing off now. Gave him props last week and I guess it was a little too early as he went one louder by winning the $2,100 H.O.R.S.E. for another $46,000 and change. With his other three titles this SCOOP series coming in Stud events, I’ll just make the assumption that he sat out during the Hold’em and Omaha portions of the tournament just to keep it fair.

The only other events of note leading to the WPT Championship this weekend were the Cal State Poker Championship and Heartland Poker Tour Main Events. 316 players entered the Matt Savage operated Cal State Main Event and Nathan Bjerno won the Big Bear trophy and $133,075 after a heads up chop. Just missing out on the final table were David “The Dragon” Pham*, Allen Cunningham, and Gavin Griffin.

The latest Heartland Poker Tour stop was at the Majestic Star Casino located in lovely Gary, Indiana (aka East Chicago). HPT has been running hot this season and just missed a record field at this event, although they topped their numbers from 2011. Daniel Acevedo was the last player standing at the televised final table and picked up $133,081.

* – Not a real dragon

Photo: WhoJedi

This Week’s Boxscore

Shaun Deeb $46,325 PokerStars SCOOP $2,100 H.O.R.S.E.
Nathan Bjerno $133,075 Cal State Poker Championship
Daniel Acevedo $133,081 HPT Majestic Star

Link Dump

White House Responds to Online Poker Petition – Thousands of poker players (but not tens of thousands) signed a capitlization-challenged petition calling on the US Government to licence and regulate online poker. Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, responded with a 339 word “thanks but no thanks”. I’m sure Gaming Counsel might have a more articulate read than mine.

New World Series of Poker Bracelet – The WSOP unveiled their newest champion’s bracelet, which apparently diminishes the accomplishements of THE previous Main Event winners.

I realize it’s just a marketing blurb meant to pump up the excitement, but I imagine the bracelet could be the most hideous piece of jewelry in the world and it wouldn’t stop players from trying to win the Main Event.

WPT Championship Numbers Down – I meant to write a few words on the significant decrease in the WPT Championship field size but ESPN Poker’s Andrew Feldman 1) beat me to it and 2) is a better writer than this hack. He lays out several reasons for the decline including SCOOP, Black Friday, and the Bellagio treating the event like crap. It will be interesting to see the numbers from the WSOP this summer.

The Micros are back! – A kind of back. The brilliant minds behind the popular web series released a comic the other day to which we can all relate. Enjoy.

Click image to embiggen

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by , May 17, 2012 | 6:13 am

Hi, my name is Al. You may know me on twitter as @AlCantHang, or not. Doesn’t much matter. I recently found myself with a lot of time on my hands when the latest job to support my nomadic lifestyle ended up in the bankruptcy courts. I suppose that is a little better than my other former employer who is currently under indictment by the Department of Justice. so when Dan asked if I was available to help him row the Pokerati boat, I said sure, criminal background check pending.

Nowhere better to start than what happened over the last few days in the poker world. It’s been pretty slow on the live poker scene as players get ready for the move to Vegas for the WPT World Championship and the 2012 WSOP. That didn’t stop us from seeing big things online, especially during the PokerStars SCOOP series.

Shaun Deeb is a sicko. First he crushes the major online games back in the olden days when we could still play in the States then “retires” at the ripe age of 24 then comes back like nothing changed. Now he’s just making a mockery of the latest PokerStars SCOOP Player of the Year race by winning three tournaments for over $120,000. All three titles were in some variant of Stud but I will leave the jokes for the comments below.

This Week’s Boxscore

Shaun Deeb $41,600 PokerStars SCOOP $2,100 STUD
Shaun Deeb $44,200 PokerStars SCOOP $2,100 Triple Stud
Shaun Deeb $40,330 PokerStars SCOOP $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo

Link Dump

Dear Shaun Deeb – Deebs exploits prompted this great post from our friend Brad over on the PokerStarsBlog. Instead of spending time with his family on Mother’s Day, he was “forced” to watch Deeb go for glory. And this was written before he won his third SCOOP title of the year.

World Poker Tour Season XI Schedule Announced – The first part of the new WPT schedule was released including all dates through the end of the year with plenty of National and Regional action. For the first time since the start of the World Poker Tour, Foxwoods World Poker Finals does not appear on the schedule.

Poker World Record Attempt 2012 – I only found out this news thanks to my twitter account catching a random follower. It looks like Barry Denson will be the next player to attempt to break the streak of 155 hours set by Phil Laak in 2010. Denson will be using his powers for good as he will use the event for charitable means, benefiting Hope for Heroes. To date they have raised £30.

Women in Poker Hall of Fame Nominations – Nominations are now open for the 2012 Women in Poker Hall of Fame class to join past inductees who include Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, Jennifer Harman, and Kathy Liebert. The Induction Ceremony will take place on August 31st at the Golden Nugget.

That’s it for a pretty slow week but things will pick up during the weekend with WSOP-C and Cal State Poker Championship Main Events along with plenty of online action to finish up the SCOOP action. We’re also just a few weeks away from hearing stories about degenerate poker players dropping water balloons from Panorama Towers, so we’ll keep an eye on the police reports and emergency home owners association meetings.

Ben Lamb’s New License Plate

by , Nov 11, 2011 | 9:14 am

If you just saw it on the street, you might not know it had anything to do with poker. But indeed, according to 2+2 NVG, this fine Nevada license plate is attached to nearly $100k worth of Beamer, a 650i, that Ben Lamb recently purchased:

ben lamb bmw license plate

Would be much cooler if the “1” represented a bracelet, and he got a new car for every one he won. But oh well, sometimes third place and $4 million will have to do.

ALT HED: Germans Win Again

Oh, and almost forgot to post … here’s Pauly and I on scene doing some Tao of Pokerati during the moment from the final 3 with him that we’ll all remember:

Tao of Pokerati: First Hand Fireworks FTW? by Pokerati

Wider World of Poker

by , Oct 21, 2011 | 5:58 pm

Slip off your coat and make your way into my small corner of Pokerati — a newly built alcove in Dan’s diamond-encrusted virtual mansion where I’ll bring you a weekly caché of poker and gambling news that the American-centric poker media may have overlooked. So put down your rodeos and pretend football as we give the poker globe a spin to discover piquant revelations and heart-warming tales of human endeavour from elsewhere around the world.


Dodgy Maths at the AGCC #

alderney mapThe Alderney Gambling Control Commission fell under the terrifying gaze of Subject Poker this week. The Commission’s report on their Full Tilt Poker hearing claimed that US Department of Justice had seized $331 million worth of FT cash. The real figure is closer to $159 million, argues the Subject reporter, with the larger number including money lost over and above Black Friday seizures. Either way, more numbers for Full Tilt and Alderney that don’t add up as they’ve been presented. [Subject Poker]


Mass Walkout at William Hill’s Israeli Office #

israel mapBritish bookmakers William Hill are at panic stations after a large chunk of their customer support staff enacted an impromptu strike last Sunday. The staff were upset at rumoured plans to move the office outside Israel. Will Hill Online deny they have any plans to relocate, but for a while it seemed like the civil unrest might spread, with offices in Bulgaria and the Philippines laying down their telephones in solidarity? []


Turkey and Sportingbet Go to War #

turkey mapSportingbet have been fluttering their eyelashes at Ladbrokes for the past few weeks in vain hope of encouraging an acquisition. Any deal would’ve been conditional, however, on Sportingbet’s withdrawal from the volatile Turkish market; and although negotiations with Ladbrokes have broken down, Sportingbet were hours away from selling ‘’ to GVC Holdings PLC. That was until the local government suddenly blocked the website. [The Guardian]


Denmark Unveils Plans to Regulate Online Gambling #

denmark mapThe European Commission are so happy with new Danish gaming regulations that they are recommending them as a model for all other EU nations to follow. But the new rules controversially require lower taxes from online gambling companies than those paid by existing land-based casinos. [Financial Times]

Apparently at Pokerati we’re supposed to take pride in any appearance of not working, so I’m off to the rainswept British coast for a week of holiday, but will be back to let my distinguished American cohorts know what they missed while I was gone and they were sleeping.

5-Link Minimum

Pokerati’s irregular clickable web guide for pokerers

by , Mar 9, 2011 | 1:13 pm

Tonight’s semi-random collection of websites that have recently caught my eye for various reasons is brought to you by Suited Cribsyour 2011 WSOP housing hookup and VIP services connek!

OK, the links:

G2E Asia — the AGA brings its trade show to Macau, prepping Western gaming industry round-eyes for a new level of expansion in China and across Asia.

PokerGrump — an accidental low-stakes Vegas grinder, respected colleague on the license plate beat, and another guy I read often but don’t link up enough … generally thoughtful insight, and fun “guess the casino” posts, though few are as hard as this one:

highlight for answer

Mandalay Bay — Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, and Jan Fisher’s philanthropic endeavor has undergone a website redesign as they continue efforts to make sure charity poker tournaments give back as much as possible.

DFW Gambler — don’t know who runs this site, but it kinda-sorta picks up where Pokerati left off upon skipping town, keeping the Dallas/Fort Worth poker scene up to date with solid, regularly updated info on local charity tourneys, big events in Oklahoma and Louisiana, and different free games — whether they be WPT Amateur Leagues or lesbian bar poker at Sue Ellen’s. Bingo, too!

The Poker Life Coach — Jen Dunphy was once responsible for keeping Harrah’s employees on their A-game, and now brings her motivational services to MGM Resorts. Not sure if she’s more happy drill sergeant or corporate therapist … but for poker players needing to work on their life skills (she won’t give up names of clients? Balls!) it seems she’s no Sam Chauhan … but then again, she’s also no Sam Chauhan.

Live Poker Training — Not sure if Shaun Deeb needs a life coach or just a mom. But either way, he’s got a boot camp March 26-27 … for players wanting to learn how to win so much money it doesn’t matter if you never learned to throw away pizza boxes or lift the toilet seat.

Zynga PokerCon 2011 — you know they are new to poker when they call their inaugural event Poker CON. But the best we can tell, even though the folks at Zynga supposedly have made millions without paying out any winners, they aren’t the second coming of UB … but they could well be proof that recreational players are more valuable than online pros. And they’ve hired me (along with Michele Lewis and BJ Nemeth) to tell you all about the Zynga version of BARGE — so already we think they’re great, obv!

Allied Service

Suited Cribs — The guys to handle your WSOP housing needs, and all variety of poker services, from laundry runs and VIP transportation to nightclub line passes. Say you heard about them from Pokerati for a special surprise AND to have me personally check out your summertime Vegas rental to make sure the internet works and no pillows smell like urine.

WSOP- and Poker-Related


by , Jul 12, 2010 | 9:26 pm

A few quicklinks, as I clean off my desktop while getting ready for the pseudo-final stage of the 2010 WSOP, which got started pretty much earlier today …

USA Today declares: WSOP is recession-proof.

Also from USA Today: Emmit Smith has an increasing love for poker, sparked by charity efforts backed by Full Tilt.

Timtern’s got a new Top Tweets column in Bluff. The follow-up editorial is what makes it better than most.

@Pokerati got props in Vegas Seven’s own top-tweets column, called Tweets of the Week.

Lacey Jones profiled in Vegas Seven magazine.

Lon McEachern wearing Tom’s Loudmouth jacket, via the WithLeather sports blog.

Do we have to fear the WSOP-Media event becoming the next ladies event? Technically it’s discriminatory and demeaning to media. But for some reason far fewer protested when Michael Craig’s assistant Shauna took his seat to play her first ever poker event.

Meanwhile, while there are plenty of signs of (Lost) Vegas refinding its economic way, the once luxurious Riviera has filed for bankruptcy.

Vega$ Economy, Big Ca$ino Biz, $tate-Political $cuffling, Poker Ju$tice, Tribal Way$ and Mean$ + Courting Gay$ and A$ian$


by , Jun 22, 2010 | 12:08 pm

Some more links to catch me up on keep you clued in about what else has been going on that may or may not be of interest to folks at the WSOP. Some of these stories vaguely connected to poker could actually turn out to be important:

First of all, for a succinct recap of what Week 3 really was all about, chock full of well-organized important details, be sure to check out BJ’s WSOP Report. [Tao of Poker]

The Shaun Deeb+Annie Duke vs. Daniel Negreanu+Linda Johnson WSOP-Ladies tourney brouhaha made national news in Philadelphia. [Philadelphia Inquirerer]

Attack of the Math Brats – a non-poker magazine’s take on “the aggressive new players whose pushy online style of play has put the old guard on the defensive”. [Time]

Speaking of defensive, the player-turned-shooter at the deadly poker robbery near Dallas has turned out to be a journalist — a cameraman for Channel 11. [Uncle Barky]

The EPT-Berlin robbers went on trial in Germany last week … and they’ve apparently admitted to everything about the heist. Only €4k unaccounted for. [BBC]

At 4 pm PT today, the second episode of Wicked Chops’ This Week in Poker will be streaming live, in a way where you can call in, or at least email and tweet. Guests to include Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, and Sara Underwood. [This Week in]

Despite what looks like increased entertainment traffic on the Vegas strip, Nevada’s jobless rate hit 14 percent — making it highest in the nation. [Las Vegas Sun]

The Silver State now officially kicks Michigan’s ass when it comes to macroeconomic destitution. [Christian Science Monitor]

But Paris Hilton is back in Vegas to party it up for the first time in a long while. [Twitpic]

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has declared September 2010 “Poker Month”, to honor and support the charitable efforts of Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and Lisa Tenner. []

With poker and other table games opening up in Pennsylvania and Delaware, New Jersey casinos are getting hammered. [Wall Street Journal]

In an effort to turn things around (and bring higher rollers to town) the Atlantic City Hilton is turning to performances by political rock stars — including Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and a duet show with Ann Coulter and James Carville. Tickets range from $100-$350. [Press of Atlantic City]

Trump Taj Mahal is targeting a slightly different clientele, with Gay Bingo Night on Fridays. [Press of Atlantic City]

Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers there are calling for a sports-betting and online gambling “summit” — an effort to bring together competing interests currently fighting over whose online gambling bill gets to move forward, and discuss how they can all get on the same page(s). [Press of Atlantic City]

In Massachusetts, they want more gambling+poker, but the fight is also over which bill gets to move forward, Senate or House … and where the new casinos get to be located. [Boston Globe]

In Rhode Island, a casino measure that would include poker, breezed through the House and Senate, and now awaits to governor’s signature before being sent to the voters for a referendum. [Boston Globe]

In Connecticut — Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun specifically — the Indian tribes are making a concerted effort to court Asians. [Hartford Business Journal]

Is that Bernard Lee?

Harrah’s is apparently struggling to find a good buyer for the Rio — despite entertaining multiple offers; reportedy, negotiations have included deals that would allow the WSOP to stay at 3700 W. Flamingo, and contingency plans that would move the series to Caesar’s. [Las Vegas Sun]

The WSOP parent is looking to go public again, but maybe sooner than initially anticipated? [Las Vegas Review Journal]

The Wynn just cut 261 jobs — a move that allows the casino to restore wages and salaries for 3,700 employees that had to take pay cuts earlier this year. [Las Vegas Sun]

Sands (Venetian) CEO Sheldon Adelson is in Singapore, opening his $5.5 billion casino project — the Marina Bay Sands Resort –and is looking to India next. Despite being rebuffed by the Indian government in 2008, the man who once took a risk on The Real Deal, is making a second attempt at convincing the billion-bodies nation that they need tourism — and he’s the one who can bring it to them with a Vegas-style Strip. [The Economic Times]

MGM Resorts (no longer MGM/Mirage) is apparently salivating over India, too, with a letter of intent between them and Indian developers to begin plans for a Bellagio-Mumbai. [DNA India]

The Wappo indians in California are fighting over land in Wine Country, and seeking to restore their tribal status with eyes toward opening casinos in Napa and Sonoma. [Napa Valley Register]

A new bill — by U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy (D-NY) — intends to clarify the UIGEA … making it easier to use your credit cards to bet on horses online. [Times Union]

TWIPoker, WSOP Seniors, Various Big Games, and More


by , Jun 19, 2010 | 1:01 am

A multitude of random click-worthy links and watchable videos, with or without context, that may or may not play into your evolving, overall world poker view … brought to you by 1/2 NL/PLO at the Hard Rock, now playing Tuesdays, Thursdays, late Fridays and by request:

The new This Week in Poker is here. Probably not quite ready for an Emmy nomination yet, or even a Webby if there is such a thing. But smart people behind it all … and possibly eventually a show that comes in to its own somewhere around the convergence of the internet and TV. [Wicked Chops]

I love caption contests — have won many of them. But gonna let someone else take down the wordsmither’s glory (and Full Tilt prize points) on this one, featuring funny and plausibly awkward image moments from the WSOP. [Full Tilt From the Rail blog]

Dissension and Disagreement: APCW Perspectives Weekly for June 18, 2010. Internal fights with Indians mucking up intrastate online poker efforts in California; Big Casinos blocking progress in New Jersey; Malta fighting with France over Euro suckage. [YouTube/APCWperspectives]

Also, last week I missed his take on the GCB’s take on dot-net poker sites taking part in any Nevada casino take. (6:20 in)

Meanwhile, PokerStars’s Big Game is the show poker fans are currently most buzzing about. []

PartyPoker’s Big Game IV also looks pretty cool, with a very similar concept. [YouTube/PartyPoker]

One blog I enjoy reading regularly throughout the WSOP (personally check in on it about twice a week) is Adam Goulding‘s, aka Snoopy, who always provides a unique and worldly perspective on Poker America. [BlackBelt Poker]

Likewise, don’t forget to keep up with Dr. Shamus, who knows how to always keep the intellectual poker stimuli percolating. [Hard Boiled Poker]

I’m also checking in regularly on the people set to do the 360-streaming of final tables. Technology is supposed to be much improved from their WPT Championship debut, and word is they just got the green light from Nevada Gaming for the 2010 WSOP … but still not sure exactly when and where I’ll find the live action I’m looking for — hope to know soon! [All360Poker]

Also keeping up with the PokerNews Nightly Turbo for a basic rundown of news going on outside the WSOP. [PokerNews]

And probably the best video quick-taste of the flavor of a WSOP day, like yesterday, seems to be coming from WSOP Live! [YouTube/PokerListings]

The specific WSOP event I’ve been following, and will be tomorrow, is the Seniors Event, where rookie senior and Team Pokerati captain Tom Schneider is pounding around at the top of the leaderboard, and I’m still looking for Toothless Bob. []

UPDATE: Going into Day 2, with 450 players remaining from a record field size of 3,142, Tom is the chip leader. A little concerned that I couldn’t find Bob amongst the list of entrants.

Oklahoma Johnny Hale, apparently the driving force behind the Seniors Event, got a special trophy for his pioneering work on behalf of the Social Security-minded set. [Bluff Magazine]

Did you know David Plastik used to be a rock’n’roll photographer in the 80s before becoming a professional poker player? His photojournalism seems to wash through the bright lights and make-up for a grittier view of a glam music in a newspaper era. []

Hey, that mighta been my best link-dump ever! Actually led to fewer open windows on my desktop, not more, and took only about an two hours to provide you with 6+ minutes of targeted, purposeful pokery web browsing.

Oh oh oh … and one last thing (for the moment) … We’re kicking so much Tao of Pokerati arse ever since the Benjo partnership and giving Pauly a key to the server farm, I can’t even keep up with it all. But fortunately the Best Little Short-Podcast in Poker gives you so much for so little, it doesn’t take much to get caught up. Meanwhile for a little closer-to-real WSOP experience in condensed space and time, be sure to check for the latest in the Tao of Pokerati archives. There’s a Matt Savage and PPA buzz, while Benjo’s on a lesbian kick in the Rio again. [Tao of Poker]

This Week’s Tourists at the Table:

(L to R) Team Pokerati WSOP-Ladies Event Final Tablist La Sengphet, Stuey, her boyfriend DC, and Good Chuck showing the Vegas grinders that Dallas players know a thing or two about PLO.

Poker Politicos, Poker Media Backlash, Brian Nadell, Footballers Playing Poker, Flag Day Trivia, and Hot Vegan Poker Activism

Instapoker – Super Tuesday Edition

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OK, gonna try again at this link-dump thing … no writing, no context, not even any particular order or story arc here … just a random assortment of Safari tabs and windows over-cluttering my computer while I try to do Pokerati’s WSOP thang-luu …

“We all agree that one political party is stupid and the other is evil; all we are debating is which is which.” Something for certain poker media types to think about when we go twitter-crazy trying to spread political insight on current events, but really may be just contributing to negative stereotypes of tourney journos being little more than (poorly paid?) chip counters. [Poker Shrink]

Crap, guess that’s technically writing right there … before you know it, brevity with a single href= spins out of control into its own multi-link set of tangents, as happened when I tried to note, simply, that Harry Reid won a primary. [Pokerati]

Ask Brian Nadell what happens when poker players step into potentially hostile political territory. He may be an accomplished poker pro with 13 cashes and eight final tables at the WSOP, but that doesn’t necessarily make this online player at PokerStars suited for Washington DC.

At least he recognized as much before June 1, and dropped out of the Nevada senate race. One look at his campaign video and you’ll see why sometimes, no matter how badly you wanna win, it just makes sense to chop. [Hendon Mob, Nevada Appeal]

Good move?

Blowing off the primary homestretch did leave Brian Nadell with extra time (and presumably cash) to play early events at the WSOP. And on Monday this week, he appeared on Poker Road Radio, live from the Rio. [Poker Road]

One more Nadell link: an interview circa 2006 bemoaning the fate of a longtime player who never quite learned the meaning of FTW! [PokerStarsBlog]

Back to chip-counting, Daniel Negreanu calls out PokerNews for poor updates. [Daniel – Poker Journal]

PokerNews normally does a really good job with everything they do, but what in the world is up with the chip count coverage at the WSOP this year? They have a page for it, but clicking on it would be a complete waste of your time because not only is it rarely updated, it’s also nowhere near accurate.

Yeow. Can you imagine if Negreanu and @AllenKessler had children?

Similarly, a generally fine poker granny pundit has strong feelings about the quality of this year’s WSOP reporting, saying, “the live coverage has reached a new low.” [Poker Hag]

Looking forward, btw, to what looks to be the second coming of Poker2Nite … This Week in Poker. June 15, on the internet. [Wicked Chops]

Be sure to check out Change100’s Fashion Report where she looks into disturbing trends in douchebaggery. [Tao of Poker]

But does douching really matter if you’re buying tournament shorts from Tom? [Loudmouth Golf]

Now let’s take a momentary break from linking for …

Pokerati Trivia: Which international flag hung proudly in the Brasilia Room last year, but is not on display in the Pavilion Room this year — despite it’s strong connection to poker?

Ooh, I know!

An email yesterday from a poker media-y colleague: “today officially started my World Cup fever!!” I agree. Lots of jerseys showing up at the Rio, and peeps starting to make plans for where they’ll be watching the first matches. Just two days left to fill in your Wicked Chops FC brackets. [Soccerati]

Man-U midfielder Darren Fletcher’s Scottish national team didn’t qualify for the Cup, so instead came to the WSOP; he lasted about 90 minutes in the $1,500 donkament that The Other Guy (not-Durrrr) won. [PokerStarsBlog via CalvinAyre]

Annie LePage, one of Pokerati’s favorite Las Vegas small-tourney rounders, comes to the 2010 WSOP looking to cross the 5-figure line in cashes. While she would make fine Team Pokerati material, she instead is representing for PETA (and the Maven). Check her out as she expounds on the evils of meat + good poker health via Vegan living. [Hendon Mob,]

OK, cool, but that’s not counting barbecue, right? On that note …

Extra-big ups to The Fat Guy, who used to write about poker, but now just writes about “Food, Music, Books, and Tractors”. TFG recently overhauled Pokerati’s technological infrastructure to better accommodate Tao of Pokerati. With bigger online media ops facing early-WSOP heartache and unconstructive criticism due to “faulty hamster wheels”, I’m pretty thankful Scott (and his trusty sidekick Ed), have kept Pokerati’s machinery running relatively smoothly for five years — pretty much 24/7 actually, ever since the Great Crash of 2007 when we ran out of duct tape. [Tao, The Fat Guy]

OK, good enough for now … More-better random links TK. OK, maybe one more …

Funny: the Bad Beat on Cancer banners seen around the Rio show a hand that isn’t actually a bad beat — the pocket Aces got there on the river! [Poker Grump]

EPT-Berlin Robbers, Growing Cereus Scandal-fare, Asian Spa World Cup Bracelet Bling + Victory for Sexism?


by , May 29, 2010 | 11:34 pm

I’m trying to get on the link-dump bandwagon … but for reasons of my own personal weakness, I have a problem giving Pokerati readers a quick directory to relevant content elsewhere on the internet without turning one-liners into a complex narrative that often looks pretty, but defeats the whole point of one-click simplicity for those wanting greater understanding of what’s crossing our radar.

So if you’re in a hurry for WSOP- and poker-related nutrition …

German authorities arrest the alleged mastermind behind the EPT-Berlin robbery. []

Wicked Chops says they’ve got their hands on the UB superuser account list. [Wicked Chops]

Former PokerNews editor Haley Hintze says this list may be loaded with fakes, confirming her investigative, fact-based conjectures that various scandals at AP and UB are turning out to be a much larger multimillion-dollar matter of Cereus conspiracy and coverup. [Haley’s Poker Blog]

Wicked Chops is also on the trail of @AsianSpa … picking up where Donkdown, Pokerati, and Joe Sebok have come up short, failing to unearth the identity of poker’s self-proclaimed “righter of wrong-doers” who loves hating on UB-people and the Mizrachi family when not providing professional handjobs in Las Vegas. [Wicked Chops]

A 2010 WSOP Resource Guide that clearly overestimates gets the genius of Pokerati. [Part-Time Poker]

If soccer is not the new poker by the end of 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it darn-well should be. [Soccerati]

Here’s a pic of the new WSOP bracelets, by Joe Cada’s favourite DeltaBeta designer, Steve Soffa:

[Flipchip via Tao of Poker]

And speaking of DeltaBeta couture … Victory Poker is supposed to be making a big splash this WSOP, but so far all they’ve done is raise the sexism alert level for poker pundits thinking they may just be pissing in generally progressive WSOP waters. [PokerGrump and Pot Committed]

Meanwhile, speaking of chasing skirts bracelets, Team Pokerati’s 6x Weekend Warrior may have missed his first tourney, but he has made his twitter updates easier to follow by changing @JohnHarrisTTU to @85nutz. [Twitter]

There, that took me only a couple hours so you can keep up with the most important poker buzz with just a few minutes of well-focussed reading and everything else you need to know only a click away.

And we’re just getting rollin’, holy shit …


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I left out all the political stuff you should be reading — trust me, lots of casino-y biz and law going on — and instead am emptying out my frivolous notebook (some of it) and giving you a good-ole-fashioned link dump … full of random timely poker buzz that, imo, is def click-worthy.

The LAPC and NAPT/Venetian Deep Stacks may be on-hype right now … but some of the most fearsome high-stakes competition going on in Vegas is shaking down at the M Resort. You can follow the quirky, made-for-TV Premier League on PokerNews.

From the Dept. of: That’s Different

The PokerNews hand reporters have been allowed to see the hole cards and whisper them in Tony G’s ear write about them. (Usually, if reporters are so privileged to see inside the security truck, they usually do so with a promise not to divulge hole-card info.) It didn’t take long for the players — who are stripped of their cell phones and PDAs upon entering the set — to check laptops for the revealing live updates while on breaks or out of a hand/scene.

PartyPoker is clearly trying to pump up Luke Schwartz’s badboy image — taunting him for his ineffectual come-ons of Kara Scott. Here he is on the tricycle Tony G brought for him to ride out on:

Also, btw, check out the PartyPoker blog … where Warren from Party is shedding some of his corporate stick-ness to share some real life-on-the-PartyPoker-trail shtick. AKA Warren “the” Lush and “Fun Warren“.

Pokerati Restaurant Review

M Resort Buffet

It’s not quite Wynn or Bellagio-level … but it’s pretty close. And for a $14.95 lunch/$22.95 dinner, the extra touches — beer and wine available buffet-style, too, and a cappuccino bar — make the pig-it-up-dude! offerings worth wading through the hordes of senior-citizen locals who show up en force to let clever packs of bikers know, hey, this is our joint!” They also do the Tina Martini live cooking show there, which makes the M Resort’s Studio B like the Steel Panther of Buffets.

Price: Freeroll
Food: A-Q
Atmosphere: set of 4s
Service: 9-9

Another new-to-me blog I’ve been enjoying of late: crAAKKer
I am become Death, destroyer of Aces, slayer of Kings, tilter of D-bags

PokerListings has a solid (and controversial amongst people who think they know such things) list of Top 10 Players to Watch in 2010. I don’t think the haters get it … That is who Matt Showell and his people will be watching — whether you like it or not, bitch.

Spoiler Alert:

1. Phil Ivey
2. Cole South
3. Yvgeniy Timoshenko
4. Annette Obrestad
5. Jason Mercier
6. Matt “ADZ124” Marafioti
7. Isildur
8. Nanonoko
9. Jeff Madsen
10. Lex Veldhuis

Tao of Changerati

Start listening to Lost Vegas: The Podcast, with Pauly and Change100, around the premise of pimping his forthcoming Lost Vegas book. It’s about a blogger living with his blogger girlfriend while he endeavors to spread his poker genius worldwide. She has a way of laughing at him like no one else can, as if she’s seen his junk or something.


ALT HED: The Sonny and Cher of Poker?


From our secret sources on the ground at the LAPC: “Amanda leatherman out at wpt. will be the new hosetess for napt on espn2. Wpt will have a temporary hostess at celeb invitational and is looking for a full time hostess”

If you want to follow the real, non-poker Premier League, you should be getting into Especially if you want to bet on soccer. UEFA Champions League getting underway.

We wouldn’t mind more followers @Soccerati on twitter, too. Might even start to send out some tweets as important games kick into high gear.

The Soccerati roster currently includes AlCantHang and JoeSpeaker … with The Rooster headed to South Africa for World Cup 2010 and thus still in negotiations over starting minutes with SangyFarha and DA Hasselbaink.

And, poker blogger creative success story …Chris Hanel — aka Pokergeek and one of some 30something bloggers who over the years have graced these not-so-hallowed Pokerati pages, btw, albeit briefly — is getting big internet kudos for his Hitler video of all Hitler videos, as featured on the ever-viral boing-boing:

via Mean Gene