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Wynn Plugs in, Keeps Players All Charged up

by , Jun 3, 2012 | 2:25 pm

I’m posting this from my mobile device while at a 1/3 table, without worrying about my battery dying. About a week ago, the Wynn installed electrical outlets under the tables at almost every seat in the room.

wynn poker table outlet

“It’s great customer service,” said the random player to my right with his iPhone plugged in. He said he talked with a Caesars floor man about it and would tell poker room managers back East.

10 Essential Apps for the WSOP

by , Jun 2, 2012 | 3:45 pm

The WSOP is the time to buckle down. It’s time to grind. It’s time to ditch Scramble with Friends and Temple Run.

Once you’ve packed every color hoodie you own and your favorite headphones, here’s a list of the 10 most useful apps (with iTunes ratings) for poker players in Vegas to check out between rungood tunes.

Find a game — and keep track of it

1.) Most poker professionals I know use an app to track their bankroll and make sure their live stats are fresh. I use Poker Income Pro (4 stars): For $9.99, the app allows you to add live sessions and auto-detects your location or plug in completed sessions. Arrange a setup for your standard game. For tournament stats, you can filter through stuff like location, length and game. For cash games, you can check reports on your hourly, your $ per session, the number of hours you’ve played, and the percentage you’ve cashed cashed, along with plenty of other details.

2.) For $12.99, you can opt to buy Poker Journal. (3.5 stars) This app includes many of the same features as Poker Income, while also letting you to pause your live game tracker while you take a break from the table.

3.) (2.5 stars): You’ve got 3 horses in 3 different WSOP events, and you want to rail them all. This free app lets you know who’s still got chips and links you to hand analysis, so you can rest assure they didn’t bust playing A6 like a fish.

4.) Bluff Mobile (4.5 stars): This new, free app provides up-to-the minute news on tourneys, player rankings, archives from the magazine and even a few Twitter squabbles.

Apps like Bravo Poker Live help you find the best games in town

5.) Bravo Poker Live (3.5 stars): Just about every Vegas grinder I know has this app. You can check the number of live cash games, along with the current waiting list. You can also look for daily tournaments schedules and and buy-in amounts, along with specific room promotions. Troubles: The search function doesn’t seem to work. And some poker rooms, such as Aria and Bellagio are not connected to Bravo.

6.) All Vegas Poker (4.5 stars): This takes the Bravo app a few steps further, including extras like pictures of some rooms, whether you can straddle in cash games, the max rake and average players in a given tournament and its duration. AVP also lets you know which casinos are holding other special series events.

7.) Poker Chip Tracker (5 stars): This free app lets you show off your giant chip stack on Facebook and Twitter. Simply enter hand-by-hand analysis and snap a stream of photos to go along with your session and upload.

8.) Wynn Poker (3 stars): A free, Wynn-centric app that gives you an “up-to-the-minute” view of the games being played and the waiting list for each, while it also lists the daily tournaments and links to Wynn’s poker site.

Around Vegas

Many of the major casinos — MGM, Luxor, Palms, Aria, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Hard Rock and New York-New York — have their own apps that allow you to check out the restaurants and make reservations. Here are a few that give you something to do if you ever want some fresh air.

9.) LV Weekly (3.5 stars): A free app with the basics about Vegas clubs, pools, restaurants and casinos. Includes brief descriptions, hours, directions and distance. Trouble: The calendar lacks any events, so you’ll have to pick up a print edition for the latest events.

10.) Guest List (4.5 stars): Download this 99-cent app when you’re ready for clubbing. It updates daily and allows you to get yourself on the guest list for clubs and pools.

Words With Poker Tweeps

Three-tabling Negreanu, KevMath, SpartanFox

by , Nov 13, 2010 | 8:30 pm

@Kevmath laid down the gauntlet on Twitter this evening on the ever-popular “Words With Friends” app. Soon @RealKidPoker and @Mark_Gahagan were in on the action, offering up their WWF user names publicly on twitfeed. Now I’m three-tabling them all headups.

Negreanu just countered back after I triple-word scored on “SIZED”. Seems he’s playing from his new iPad from NAPT at the Bike.

@RealKidPoker: “34,575 end lvl 4. Nice little comeback reminiscent of my start in EPT Vienna. A bit tired, and playing words with friends to pass time.”

Gahagan may have just pulled ahead with his 57-pointer “VIEW” off my “QUIDS”, but I’m not drawing dead yet. As for Kevmath, I’m on the warpath after he used a questionable “ER” to position off a triple word score.

If HR2267 had already passed, I’d be looking to lay some cash on this tonight.

Texas Hold’em on the iPhone

by , Sep 3, 2008 | 5:56 pm

There will be a day not too far off — in our lifetimes for sure, as the technology is already in play at 7-Elevens in Taiwan — when our cell phones and wallets are one in the same. No wonder there are so many issues about the transfer of funds via satellite, internet, bad beats, etc.

Check out the quality of poker on the iPhone (via Pokerazzo):

Damn, we’ve come a long way since the early days of PartyPoker, which graphics-wise seems more like pong, or at least Pitfall.

UPDATE: Dude, that sucks … don’t know why he would turn of the embeddability … but here’s the direct link to this video: