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Poker-playing Olympians to Cheer for

Let the Games Begin

by , Feb 11, 2010 | 11:21 pm

The Winter Olympics get underway today, and we thought PokerStars you might appreciate some heads-up on who out there on the slopes, in the rinks — and hopefully on the medal stand — knows a thing or two about Texas Hold’em.

Beyond Johnny Weir’s loving him some Lady Gaga, the following Olympic athletes on Team USA like to play poker at charity fundraiser events and/or recreational home games while on the road doing the practice-travel-competition grind:

Ben Agosto (Ice Dancing)
on twitter

Evan Lysacek (Figure Skating)
on twitter

JR Celski (Speed Skating)
on twitter

Hannah Teter, the Annette15 of Snowboarding?

Hannah Teter (Snowboarding)
in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue

Nate Holland (Snowboarding)
on twitter

Shaun White isn’t known as much of a poker player, but here’s a picture of him at the poker table.

For more information on these athletes, including photos, videos and the full schedule for the 2010 Olympic Games, visit or

Poker on Ice

Triple-Axeling the Shark?

by , Jan 31, 2010 | 9:18 pm

I swear we’re not going gay(er than usual) here at Pokerati … but that song we told you about a long time ago, Poker Face by Lady Gaga, has now been turned into a male figure skating routine:

In preparation for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics, US figure skating champ Johnny Weir skated to the song about bluffin’ with muffins for an exhibition performance at US Nationals last week. Glad to see that the word about poker/lesbianism is still spreading.

And to prove we’re not homo just because we’re paying attention to figure skating, here’s Rush Limbaugh tarding rockin’ out to Lady Gaga during the talent portion of the 2010 Miss America contest:

(Oh, wait, Miss America, right …)