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Super-Deep Stacks, Late Registrations

WPT Festa al Lago $15k Main Event

by , Oct 20, 2009 | 5:55 pm

We low-stakes players love the deep-stack events … but as Matt Savage pointed out this summer, and a concern that Andy Bloch has re-raised more recently, big-time pro tourneys don’t necessarily benefit in the same way from these structures.

(The basics of the beef: the blinds move too slow early, and too fast in the middle of the tournament.)

Should be extra interesting to see these issues in action tomorrow for the start of the WPT Festa al Lago $15k main event. Not only are stack sizes in relation to the blinds in play, but also — and I’m pretty sure this part is new — players will be allowed to late-register (with a totally fresh starting stack) well into Day 2!

For a better explanation, WPT Lead Tournament Reporter BJ Nemeth breaks it down a bit more. Says BJ:

There are currently 40 players registered for this WPT event, & there is only one starting day (tomorrow).

Like the December tourney, this one will let you register anytime during the first *eight* levels. [So] they’re letting players register until 5:00 pm on Day TWO.

This tourney begins with 60,000 in chips (4x stack) and blinds at 50-100. That’s 600 big blinds. (Though I still expect someone to bust in the first level or two.)

If you skip Day 1 and show up at the start of Day 2, you’ll have 75 big blinds to work with. If you wait as long as possible and begin play at the start of Level 9, you’ll have 37.5 big blinds in your stack.

Hmm, OK … we’ll have to see if this adds fuel to Andy Bloch’s fire, or satisfies those who pony up the $15k buy-in enough that complaints about overly deep stacks fail to grow any teeth. Word is that tournament-side WSOP officials will be watching closely at how it plays out.

Click below to see Bellagio’s venerable TD Jack McClelland’s blind structure for tomorrow’s big event in its entirety:


Calling Clock: One Way to Start a Tourney

by , Jul 7, 2009 | 2:25 am

Though I absolutely understand that there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to installing, revamping, and enforcing late registration policies (which have been problematic for the Series even pre-main event Day 1d) … the Dream Team Poker event is filling up with little clue how big it might ultimately end up being, and they are keeping it simple and clear so even a guy who often tempts time and knows how to occasionally get a string pulled can understand: you’ve got a built-in two-hour window to call in favors if you think you’re enough of a VIP interested players very well may be shut out even before cards go in the air.

(emphasis added)

WSOP Event July 12-13th

Thank you for entering our Dream Team Poker at the 2009 WSOP Tournament!

Completing your registration is a 2 step process:

· Purchase your 3 table & seat assignments at the Rio Cage
· Present these 3 receipts at our DTP Registration desk to pick up your customized team jerseys & player scorecards.

Yes, it’s that simple!

We have customized all of your team jerseys and they are waiting for you to pick them up!

We are located in the Rotunda Area next to our jersey wall where the WSOP is being played.

Keep in mind that player registration closes at 12:00pm (Noon) on July 12th. There will be no exceptions.

The tournament will begin at 2:00PM on July 12th in the Brasilia Room at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino.

May the best team win! See you at the Tournament!