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LAPT Adds Peru Event

Latin American rebuy

by , Apr 1, 2010 | 5:05 am

The worldwide expansion of PokerStarszistan continues south of the American border… as the LAPT adds another stop — Lima, Peru. June 2-5.

The tour has struggled compared to other PokerStars tours … and has had to face obstacles ranging from policia shakedowns in Mexico to historic earthquakes in Chile … not to mention the political obstacles inherent with organizing big-money gambling operations throughout South America. But, apparently, PokerStars can’t be stopped! Seriously, when are we gonna see the Antarctic Poker Open?

The main event in Lima — which I hear is a beautiful, super-duper affordable country, btw — is a $2,700 NLH. One interesting thing about the set-up for the tournaments surrounding it is their liberal use of single-rebuy events. Solid idea, imho … it gives good players a chance to bounce back from an early bout with bad luck, while encouraging bad players to put a little more into the prize pool … but doesn’t discourage solid 1-and-2-bulleters from just avoiding the unlimited rebuyers altogether.

Meanwhile … haven’t checked the numbers yet, but word on the street from a reliable source is that Event #1 of the Bellagio’s Rebuypalooza drew only 21 players. Yikes.

Cards in/on the Air

The Poker Beat

by , Jan 9, 2010 | 6:48 pm

The Poker Beat is back … (attempting) to make sense of all that is going on in the poker world. In this episode, BJ, Huff, and I discuss (at length) PokerStars’ record-setting 149,000 player $1 tourney; the opening of the Aria poker room (and what this may or may not mean over at the Bellagio); the ridiculousness of 17 $1k rebuy tourneys at Bellagio’s upcoming 5-star Classic; everything that is the PCA; PokerStars getting in bed with the Venetian for the new NAPT; and over at Full Tilt, all things Isildur … and, of course, the second red-pro suspension of Brian Townsend.

The Poker Beat
Huff, Nemeth, Michalski

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BTW, a little breaking-ish news on this episode — and perhaps an indication of the perceived threat of the NAPT-Venetian, which just so happens to coincide with the LAPC, the usual early-year destination for the LA-LV poker masses … anyone who buys into the $10k WPT-LAPC main event at the Commerce before February 19 now will receive a seat in the televised $200k WPT Invitational. Neato!