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Tiger Woods Betting Lines

by , Feb 25, 2008 | 12:56 am

Charles in Fort Worth writes in wanting to know how to donk off his bankroll without chasing straights and flushes:

Hi Dan,

I have an idea for a sports bet and since you are my connection to the world of gambling I thought you could give me some help on who and how to place it.

I want to place a $500 bet on Tiger Woods breaking the record for the most majors won. He currently has 13 and needs 6 more to break the record. I want to bet $500 on him breaking the record within the next 8 and 10 majors. Who could I contact to get the odds and place the bet with. Please let me know what you can find out or where I can go to make the bet. Thanks



Viva El Poquer!

by , Feb 19, 2008 | 3:27 am

Fidel Castro just resigned as el presidente de Cuba, and what better way to celebrate the conclusion of his 49 years of dominance than by playing poker and munching on a Montecristo #4 from Havana? That’s how they roll in Mexico, specifically if you’re an American expat in the Yucatan:

Poker Night at Mercer Cigars
Wednesday nights are poker nights at Mercer Cigars. Everyone who participates gets a free Cuban cigar. Buy-in is $500 pesos and First place takes 60% plus a Romeo & Juliet Churchill cigar. Complimentary refreshments will be served, and beer, wine, food and cigars are available. Call for more information or to reserve your spot!

Location : Mercer Cigars, Prolongacion Montejo 85-3, 15 y 17, Colonia Mexico (next to La Parilla )
Time : 8:30 P.M.
Phone : 944-3647

Sounds like smokey good times. Wish I could be there … top-heavy payout structure and all.

Fidel Castro as the [cards]3s[/cards].

Viva Las Legos!

by , May 24, 2007 | 8:24 am

Who says Las Vegas isn’t for kids? Check out these pictures (sent via a Myspace friend and also found here) … apparently from the Lego amusement park in Carlsbad, Ca.



by , Jan 15, 2007 | 5:08 am

The wheels of poker keep on turnin’. Proud Mary keeps on burnin’ Let’s get right to the news that may or may not be important to you …

PARTYPOKER is moving and shaking with business deals to solidify its presence in ASIA.

INDIA is booming — clearly, it’s the next Czech Republic/Thailand/China/Tibet all rolled into one — and 34-year-old PartyPoker co-founder ANARUG DIKSHIT plays a significant role in this presumably hot emerging economy. (via Forbes)

Here is a video of PartyPoker big-whig BD GOEL leading a panel discussion at a conference for the Bollytech elite:NOTE: The interesting stuff starts about four minutes in.

And here is a video of some dancing poker chips:


Soccerati is one of my new favorite websites — awesome name, by the way — because there’s more to life than just poker, DAVID BECKHAM is coming to America, and I’ve been playing a lot of FIFA ’07 on the XBOX 360.Click here to see semi-naked pictures of his wife, VICTORIA, pka POSH SPICE. (Welcome to the United States!)

SEAN SALMON is my new favorite MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST. I just learned who he was yesterday last week, and on January 28 he’ll step into the UFC Octagon sporting Guinness-and-Fighting apparel.

Speaking of Indians … Sen. DAVID VITTER (R-Louisiana) wants to introduce legislation to limit campaign contributions from NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES (the kind that run casinos and send money to TEXAS Republicans to keep the busloads of players coming).

Pokerati is monitoring PARTYGAMING STOCK these days, in part because we just purchased some, believing the company is primed for rebound. But PG co-founder VIKRANT BHARGAVA might see things differently, having just sold a majority of his stake for $100 million.

Meanwhile, the BRITS are cracking down on amateur PUB POKER. Wait, we thought the UK was poker’s biggest ally. Poker world still TOPSY-TURVY.

So here are some more dancing chips:

And this video reminds us we’re still waiting for a true RON CEY of poker to emerge:

In NOVA SCOTIA, authorities are warning bar owners that the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE will come after them if they keep hosting Texas Hold’em tourneys. (Can’t tell if they are talking about no-money games, too.) The government-poker shakedown seems to be worldwide.

HARRAH’S has released the event-by-event schedule for the 2007 WSOP.
More HORSE, a new “MIXED” HOLD’EM, and various designated WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in play.

Last year, police in SOUTH CAROLINA were raiding poker games. With trials still pending for 18 arrested players pleading not-guilty, Rep. WALLACE SCARBOROUGH (R-Charleston) is drafting legislation to legalize “recreational” poker games, in the state’s first major revision to its gambling laws in 200 years. (TEXANS, of course, should take note.)

The issue is near-and-dear to OTIS, who hails from the Cocks-loving state and points us to a quality story by BOB PAJICH at CardPlayer (Kudos Bob, and kudos CP, for all the real journalism poker’s mounting legal issues are bringing out in “The Poker Authority.” Refreshing!)

WEST VIRGINIA is also preparing for more-legal gambling, and declare INDIANA, MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA, and SOUTH DAKOTA as the models of regulation to follow.

Here’s a video showing the effects of drugs and alcohol on spiders in a way that may or may not apply to plenty of poker players:

Thanks, Tom, for the link!

OK, that’s probably enough for now.