Tiger Woods Betting Lines

by , Feb 25, 2008 | 12:56 am

Charles in Fort Worth writes in wanting to know how to donk off his bankroll without chasing straights and flushes:

Hi Dan,

I have an idea for a sports bet and since you are my connection to the world of gambling I thought you could give me some help on who and how to place it.

I want to place a $500 bet on Tiger Woods breaking the record for the most majors won. He currently has 13 and needs 6 more to break the record. I want to bet $500 on him breaking the record within the next 8 and 10 majors. Who could I contact to get the odds and place the bet with. Please let me know what you can find out or where I can go to make the bet. Thanks


Chuck, thanks for writing in. I’m not much of a sports-bettor, so I don’t know this stuff intimately. However, I have walked through a lot of sports books recently, and they definitely are offering pages of just Tiger Woods-related bets. BTW, I think if you send me an email, wire me some money via PayPal, and I make the bet, that’s a crime. Not positive … nor sure where the crime would be committed if I happened to relay some information about your betting options, and then I happened to make a bet in the amount of, say, $500, and then next time we saw each other you gave me a “gift” of $500 … but at least one Las Vegas policeman didn’t buy my “Sorry-sorry, I’m from out of town” explanation when I ran through a red no-turn light a couple weeks ago.

I did notice that at Mandalay Bay, where they definitely had Tiger Woods-specific betting lines, they apparently take mail-in bets. I also know that the Las Vegas Hilton (which also has pay-by-mail) and the Palms have two of the more creative bookmakers in town. So those two places are probably good for lookin’-up, too.

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  1. Uncle Ray

    Your comment about the creative bookmakers is right on target. Several years ago I was at the Palace Station, looking for odds on something (I don’t remember what, and I’m sure my proposal would have lost anyway), and I walked up to the clerk and asked about it.

    I was told that if I had a bet that wasn’t on their board, I could talk to the Sportsbook Manager and he would be happy to quote me an odds line.

    Just pick the good books with a wide range of proposition bets and ask for a quote.

    And I don’t think it’s illegal to make a legal bet for someone with their money. If it is, then I guess I broke the law every time I take some money with me to Vegas and bet it for a friend.

    And (another “and”) if the Sportsbook can accept mail in bets, what makes it any less legal to have you tote the mail in bet into the casino and directly deposit the wager?

    Are you just trying to avoid being the guy that everybody calls and asks “Hey, can you make this bet for me?”

  2. Kevin Mathers

    I’d say take a trip to the UK and go into one of the William Hill or Ladbroke’s shops, they take all sorts of creative bets.


  3. FlacoJake

    Ill give you action GoodChuck. You bet $500 and you win you get your $500 back if you lose I get $250. You see with this you can’t lose the whole $500. Makes sense in my head!!

  4. DanM

    I was worried that I might be causing probs in the Pettigrew clan by posting this.

  5. Paul

    If no one was willing to quote him odds, couldn’t he just post a bunch (28 if he bets over the next eight majors, 210 if he bets over the next ten) of 6-game parlays?

    Or, he could just burn it.