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Addiction Starts at a Very Young Age

by , May 16, 2009 | 4:54 am

The irony of this comic does not escape me:

(This should be our new answer to anything the anti-poker morality lobby throws our way.)

Money Plays: Perry Takes More Gambling Money than Most

by , May 9, 2009 | 7:04 pm

Our non-friends at Texans Against Gambling told their influential members that they needed to combat big-time casino lobbying dollars supposedly pushing HB 222. However, they don’t tell you who received a lot of those gambling-interest dollars, nor that a some of them were being spent to defeat the bill.

By all means, our good poker friends in Oklahoma have contributed their fair share to keep Texans playing in their Indian nations … but frankly, it’s a very small percentage of the $7.6 million spent on gambling-related Texas politicking in 2007-08 — and they’re not exactly being hypocrites about any of it, save for maybe riding the coattails of those who are.

Top Recipients of Oklahoma Tribal Money
  Recipient (Party)
 Lt. Governor David Dewhurst(R)  Choctaw
 Stars Over Texas PAC(R)  Choctaw
 Lt. Governor David Dewhurst(R)  Chickasaw
 TX Repub. Legislative Caucus(R)  Chickasaw
 Attorney General Greg Abbott(R)  Choctaw
 Sen. Kip Averitt(R)  Choctaw
 Sen. Kim Brimer(R)*  Choctaw
 Rep. Tom Craddick(R)  Chickasaw
 Sen. Bob Deuell(R)  Choctaw
 Sen. Kevin Eltife(R)  Choctaw
 Sen. Chris Harris(R)  Choctaw
 House Dem. Campaign Com.(D)  Chickasaw
 Sen. Jane Nelson(R)  Choctaw
 Sen. Tommy Williams(R)  Choctaw

Click below for an even more interesting look at the Texas pols who taking the most gambling-industry dollars. I wonder how his morality-minded base feels about Gov. Rick Perry coming in at #2, with nearly $800k in gambling-interest love.


How to Defeat a Ready-to-Pass Bill: Lie

What we’re really up against

by , | 6:18 pm

I swear this won’t tilt anybody … but here’s the alert sent out Thursday by Texans Against Gambling to generate enough support for a change of course that, frankly, I still don’t fully understand.

Via the fair-minded, conservative Off the Kuff

TAG lies have been boldfaced:

Statement from Texans Against Gambling:
Weston Ware, legislative director for Texans Against Gambling, issued this statement today regarding House Bill 222, which legalizes poker, including electronic poker, in Texas. The bill was voted out of Calendars Committee on Thursday and will be scheduled for a floor vote.

“This bill is not about legalizing poker games with friends around the kitchen table. It is a ploy by the pro-gambling industry to crack Texas’ constitutional ban against gambling by making the absurd argument that poker is not a game of chance, but of skill.

“The next time someone uses their skill as a player to get dealt three-of-a-kind, call me.

“HB 222, among other things, would allow electronic poker tables to operate 24/7 in bars and restaurants. These Class III gambling devices mimic the addictive qualities of slot machines based on the speed of play (a good player can go through as many as 12 hands a minute).They have the ability to keep players playing (many video-poker outlets are open 24 hours and it’s not unusual to hear of someone’s playing 36 hours straight). Also, the machines are designed to create the false perception that skill is involved in what is ultimately a game of chance.