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Pokerpreneur Watch

by , Mar 31, 2009 | 12:19 pm

Coming soon, at least in theory …

Poker Face Wine — my guess: an Australian Shiraz.

Bingo Poker — some silly card game. Knowing nothing about it, I give it no chance of catching on … with anyone.

Multiple Round Pokers — a casino-game variant of poker, played against the house and without shuffling? Plural? I don’t really get it, but I kinda like the bad beat bonus circle!

UPDATE: Oops, the above is from 2006. I guess it didn’t catch on …

Round Card Poker — either poker baseball cards or maybe a Magic: The Gathering-style game? Possibly just cards cut in circles?

Phil Hellmuth Sells!

With help of PokerBrat romance script

by , Nov 4, 2008 | 2:23 pm

Speaking of Thrillist … my other, non-poker gig … one thing we’ve learned over there is that Thrillist readers care way more about night clubs, booze, restaurants, race cars, and tiddy bars than they ever do about poker.

So I was a little surprised to get the numbers back from last week’s edition, where an item about Phil Hellmuth’s new website for his clothing line was the highest performer. Really? Yep … A decidedly non-pokery readership found the PokerBrat’s T-shirts and Pep Pills more intriguing than an MGM bar, a new gambling-themed wine, casino decor, and a corner of P-Ho where blackjack dealers wear lingerie:

From Thrillist:

Thrillist - PokerBratWear: PokerBrat Clothing
These surprisingly subtle tees come from the John McEnroe of poker, 11-time WSOP champ Phil Hellmuth, with highlights including “Poker Tree” (“grow that chip pile from a toothpick to a lumberyard”), and “Poker Skater”, harkening back to his U of Wisconsin transpo from barroom games back to his dorm. Less tastefully, Hellmuth also hawks books, DVDs, and “Go Heads-Up” energy pills, guaranteed to keep you at the table long enough to lose your subtle tee.
Check out shirts and more at

They really are some pretty cool shirts. But perhaps the scary thing is clicking through the site, where Hellmuth tries his hand at pokery grocery-store romance. Click below to read about a poker-bratty encounter with the woman who would later become his wife: