Maverick Poker, Take 2

by , May 10, 2006 | 7:33 am

OK, so the Mavericks are in the playoffs. And not only do the Mavs kick ass … but also they love poker. You’ll notice plenty of advertising and sponsorial relationships between the team and online poker sites. But what you may or may not notice is that while ESPN, Fox Sports, GSN, Travel Channel, et al. run ads for nameyourpokersite.NET … the Mavs advertise the previously declared illegal (by the U.S. Justice Dept.) dot-COM varieties.

A couple weeks ago, Greg Raymer, Otis, and other representatives from PokerStars came to town to announce their new relationship with our NBA team. And I asked Nolan Dalla — media director for PokerStars and the WSOP — to explain the difference between dot-com and dot-net advertising for online poker sites … and why Mark Cuban is able/willing to venture into territory that apparently scares the other poker broadcasters.

Click here to have a listen to what the ever-knowledgeable Nolan Dalla has to to say.

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    […] LAS VEGAS–Quick little WSOP-stupid rant … As you all probably know by now, this year the WSOP is all about dot-net. Now I’m no lawyer, and I always want to do poker right, but I think I could make a good case in just about any court to convince a jury that dot-net, for all its legitimacy, is hardly distinct from dot-com. Think about it … terrorist-ish groups like Hamas and Hezbollah really do do legitimate things, like pay for people’s medical expenses, build hospitals, homes, etc. That’s what gets people to love them … and from there they are welcome to kill away. Same thing for online poker, really. […]