What’s it Take to Get into the Lodge TOC?

by , Jun 20, 2006 | 7:01 pm

raymer0075A close trusted personal pokery friend writes in:

hey dan, im finally able to get loose for the tourney at the lodge this weekend, what’s the deal-e-o? Is this tourney open, or at least open to the point I could get in?

Batface or not, “Ha! And no.” I am, however, looking for a close trusted personal pokery assistant, since my usual helpers will be competing and I am not letting them anywhere near the chips.

Take a look at the final standings. You’ll notice about 48ish players deep a green line. That’s the qualifying line. As players above the line decline their seats for whatever reason, alternates below the line will be invited to sit in their place. So I guess, technically, CTPPF could get in as … let’s see, with zero points total … carry the one, minus five, divide by … the ∞th alternate.

The Batfaces, fyi, are hardly feared in this game. The lone BF representatives will be Sang Yoo and Zach Ballenger. But I don’t think either of them stands a Sunday prayer of winning. OK, maybe Zach does, you know, because of intangibles.

ALT HED: Better Luck Next Year

5 Comments to “What’s it Take to Get into the Lodge TOC?”

  1. AlCantHang

    Am I eligible?


    God damn it all.

    At this point in my old-dirty-man ways, I’d rather play in a Lodge tourney than a blogger tourney. (does that get me kicked out of the blogger club?)

  2. son of sue

    If by intangibles you mean the luck of God, you are correct sir.

  3. Ed

    no. it just means you REALLY are a man. 🙂 come join us when in Dallas again!


  4. Chris Rebuy

    Let me know if you need help with the tourney. When is it?

  5. ed abrams

    say……dan ,Who are you picking to win the t.o.c.?? sincerely, mr. cranky.