Aces Making the Rounds

by , Jul 28, 2006 | 8:23 am

Word of the SWAT-team poker raid in Dallas is making the rounds. The Daily Kos took note, as well as a few other political websites. Cool. And most recently, I came across this from the CATO institute. Just to set the record straight, they have one thing wrong in their reporting of Pokerati’s reporting: The cops didn’t come in with computer-generated maps of the entire Dallas underground … they came in with printouts of tables and chairs. Reason magazine got it more correct.

(Don’t the cops realize they could license the exclusive rights to those photocopies to CardPlayer!?!)

Apparently the non-poker people are concerned about the militarization of our police forces. They probably should be equally concerned about business relationships between police and for-profit media entertainent companies, particularly when ratings may or may not play a role in enforcement decisions. After all, poker is hot … but you know what else is also hot? Sex. Think of all those outdated sodomy laws (you know, the kind that would make Bill Clinton a felon in Mississippi). Well, poker laws are outdated, too … but hey, legal is as legal does if it’s gonna make great TV, right?

Today, by the way, the Poker Players Alliance is holding a rally at the Rio. Should be interesting.

6 Comments to “Aces Making the Rounds”

  1. Radley Balko

    Note, I didn’t mean to imply the printouts were for the entire Dallas underground. Guess my post was just inelegantly worded. Incidentally, I’m not a “non-poker” person. I’m a big fan of the game.

    One other thing, you might consider switching your tip jar to a payment service other than PayPal. PayPal is no friend of poker:

  2. DanM

    OK, cool. Just wanting to be clear since I have been misidentifying pro players here at the WSOP. And super-glad to hear you are a poker fan. I was just saying you are with the non-poker media. That, of course, is a good thing … glad to know word of poker’s legal troubles are spreading beyond the bounds of uber-geeks.

    Re: PayPal. Thanks. Duly noted. And actually, that button is not a tip jar … I was trying to set up an easy deposit for the Texas Poker PAC. But I think I made it too easy … because you don’t get to read anything about the PAC before sending your money into the ether. My bad. Will fix after the WSOP.

    But why are you saying PayPal is no friend of poker? Because they won’t do money transfers to Party and the like?

  3. Tulsa

    Sex is hot?

  4. Ed

    It can get really hot sometimes. I usually need to wear one of those hats with the two cupholders and straws so I can drink plenty of water at the same time. Works out very well. Think I have some pics if you are interested.

  5. Radley Balko

    >>But why are you saying PayPal is no friend of poker? Because they won’t do money transfers to Party and the like?arrest online poker players themselves.

    The reason why is complicated. But basically it’s because the bill would effectively eliminate PayPal’s overseas competition — Neteller and FirePay.

  6. Radley Balko

    Oops. Sorry for the formatting problems in the previous comment.

    But check out the article I linked to in the first comment. It explains why eBay — which owns PayPal — has not only come out in favor of the online poker ban, but has actually called on the federal government to start arresting online poker players themselves.