Nice job by David Williams … (but he’s no William Chen!)

by , Jul 27, 2006 | 12:58 pm

LAS VEGAS–David Williams comes close to bracelet #2 … finishing in second place in the $5k 2-7 lowball (w/ rebuys) event. Tough final table, too. Daniel Alaei won. Philipe Rouas — who I am pretty sure is the guy who flopped the set of jacks in that $1,500 hand with Michele Lewis (perhaps she can confirm?) — took third.

Apparently David had never played that game before.

4 Comments to “Nice job by David Williams … (but he’s no William Chen!)”

  1. michele lewis

    Nope, it’s a negative. Mr. Tony TNT flopped the set of Jacks on me, er, us.

  2. DanM

    Yeesh, how many more pros can I misidentify? But this Tony TNT guy … he’s a real player, right?

    And the guy sitting to my left, Ted, who couldn’t stop talking about online poker being rigged … that was Ted Forrest, right? I think I’ve heard of him.

  3. Chris Rebuy

    Poor D-Dub… always the bride’s maid and never the bride.

  4. Michele Lewis

    Yes, he is a real player. I think. He was really nice anyway.