Pokerati at the WSOP tables (!)

by , Jul 17, 2006 | 9:35 pm

LAS VEGAS–Way back when I won a small WSOP seat in a United Room/Mario tourney. Sure, it may have taken a few suckouts to get there, but hey, regardless, I won … and as a result, I will be playing tomorrow in my biggest tournament to date. Event #27 — $1,500 NLHE. I have made it to the final table of this event twice before … on the PlayStation. So long as I don’t end up seated next to Minneapolis Jim Meehan and/or Beth Fischman, I should be fine.

I should at least do better than Pauly did in today’s Omaha action, but that’s not saying much, since he was out before I could even say, “Good luck — you’ll need it.”

Feel free to throw 1,500 starting-stack/60-min blind level tips my way. Am also taking fashion suggestions, as right now there’s 60 percent chance I’ll be wearing pink.

8 Comments to “Pokerati at the WSOP tables (!)”

  1. IBW

    Do you still want a last-longer bet? Come find me– table 136, seat 9.

  2. Ed

    Good luck! I hope they don’t screw anything up for you…like change the structure of the tournament at the last minute to a rebuy.


  3. yuri

    good luck, dan. we’ll be looking for your name on the leaderboard!

  4. Snick

    Good luck, Dan. I know you can do it!

  5. Snick

    Sweetie, you’ll look fabulous in pink!

  6. lori

    goodluck dan!!!!

  7. Joe R

    Dan Go get’um
    Make all of Dallas Proud!!

  8. DanM

    IBW … $20? $100?

    You know that other number we were talking about? Let’s wager that. Like a double or nothing?