The [crickets chirping] of Poker

by , Jul 31, 2006 | 2:52 pm

LAS VEGAS–I woke up this morning with a new commitment to Pokeratizens … and access to Adderall.

(Haven’t taken any yet, but I could!)

I recognize the coverage here has become a little thin. Pauly reminds me of it every day. But no longer. With a little less than two weeks left, starting, er, right now … you are gonna get it all. Right here. I promise.

All I gotta do first is send a memo to my cohorts at PokerBlog. Then send one to the site’s backers in England. Oh, and at 3 pm today I have to meet with someone semi-important for a story I am working on for Southwest Spirit. (I think the story is due today … eesh, deadlines.) And then at 6 it’s off to the Palms … where the lovely, gold-diggery Anna Benson is throwing a $5k media freeroll. Anna, of course, is a white woman who’s not afraid to use the word nigger “nigg-r” — so very Eminem of her. And the more media that stays at the Rio to work, of course … the better chop I may or may not be in a position to propose.

So yes, expect lots of great and amazing coverage here at Pokerati. Refresh every five minutes. Whatever you do, don’t go looking to Wicked Chops for something similar but better … because you just may well find it there.

And speaking of Batfaces … Troy Darling was sitting with about 8,000 chips and many hours to go yesterday. Not sure if he’s still alive. TBR and Gentle Shane take their seats in the main event today. I’m sure I will be covering them hand-for-hand. Right now both of them are pretty much dead even — with 10,000 chips.

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