More Dallas Poker updates

by , Aug 1, 2006 | 1:22 am

LAS VEGAS–Shane is out, Marco is still in … with about the exact same stack he’s had all day — 10k.

TBR is at about 15,000 in chips. And I gotta say, I think he’s playing well. Watched him limp with KQs, call a late-position raise, miss the flop completely, then masterfully check in a way to entice the other player to check, too. At that point it became his pot to steal, which he did. (Go Batfaces!)

UPDATE: Level 6 … blinds at 150/300 +25. TBR gets A6s in middle position, raises to 1,100. Two callers. Flop misses him, it checks around, turn gives him the nut flush draw. Early position bets 2,200. TBR folds. Other guy calls. He wouldn’t have gotten there on the river. (Good fold. Questionable raise pre-flop.)

He’s got 12,300 chips … with two hours to go before the end of Day 1 (like the real end of Day 1). If he goes into the four corners for about another week he should cash out for about $40k no problem.

UPDATE UPDATE: There’s a guy who looks exactly like Lodge/Rounder player David Highsmith with about 25k. But I am not sure it is him. He has funny reading glasses around his neck and acknowledged my presence with only a nod.

NON-UPDATE: Not sure where Marco Palacios sits/stands. His table has been broken down … haven’t found him in the field.

DALLASY PRO UPDATE: With one more level to play for the night, Robert Williamson just picked up a “monster” pot. Has grown his stack from 3,000 to about the same amount as Randy’s. One difference … RW3 has almost all small chips … meaning he has been stealing antes with a small stack (while his M is still valid). TBR, on the other hand, has only big chips left. Needs to make change for the antes.

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  1. Woody

    Bill “Shaggy” Carr is playing today (Tuesday) with a just-below-average stack of $24,000. Dan, keep an eye out for him if you can. I believe he told me his table was in the 160s or 170s.

    Tear ’em up, Shags!