Morning-After Pics: Jackie’s

by , Nov 21, 2006 | 6:54 am

Jackie’s was probably more of a “family” game than any other. (BIG family, but still.) Anyhow, if you were one of the people who considered this place your home, you may not want to look at the pictures below. All kinda sad, really. Shortly after these were taken, Jackie’s was apparently looted — with thieves taking a big-screen TV, leather couches, office chairs, pots and pans, and pretty much everything else that Dallas SWAT didn’t leave behind.

By the way, “Jackie” … I am pretty sure you did not get arrested — just “the kids” did. So just a heads-up … I think the cops are looking for you, FYI.

Jackie’s — elegantly non-descript. I remember how happy and proud everyone was when they got their Improved Order of Redmen charter (right).

Players in the process of figuring out if the scary gunmen looking for the money to take are cops or robbers.

Signs the Dallas Police had been there.

They were kind enough, however, not to destroy the food or kitschy poker signs.

They also didn’t rough up a book someone was reading; nor did they destroy the Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig autographs. (But post-raid looters were less respectful of the non-gambling paraphernalia.)

I have to say, even though anyone who has played at Jackie’s knows these machines were never used for gambling, I’m kinda surprised the police didn’t confiscate and/or unplug them.

Cops tore apart the office, of course.

And provided a copy of the search warrant for nosy vagrants and bloggers.

Yeow, this cut card reminded me that all this raid-shit was about more than just poker … it’s about real people. For all the shady characters in the underground poker biz, there are some genuinely good folks out there. And a few of them, on Friday night, had their entire lives royally fucked with — so no bad-beat stories, please!

Then I looked a little closer, and … holy shit … was “Redmen’s” really taking credit cards at Jackie’s? I just thought those stickers were kinda a joke.

I wonder what CardPlayer — always willing to supply poker players with information regardless of race, religion, creed, or legal standing — will think of the fate that has befallen their various Dallas business partners.

Across the street from Jackie’s is a run-down Bingo parlor that used to take a small “rake” on the state’s behalf. Players didn’t mind but then they died.

You’d think Texas might be looking for a way to replace that revenue and then some …

For all the Jackie’s photos, click here.

11 Comments to “Morning-After Pics: Jackie’s”

  1. Rick Boswell

    Dallas is known nationwide for its serious crime problem so the brain-dead Dallas police react by breaking property and arresting poker players. Do they know how really dumb they would look on national TV? They will not get respect because they don’t deserve respect and they certainly do not have respect for other people’s property.

    Grow up Texas and join the rest of the country, people are going to continue to gamble for money whether you like it or not. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars on non-violent “crime” and get a job.

  2. jim hughs

    Please remove the ladies pictures. They are embarassed enough by the whole incident so why keep it alive. There were far more men there, why not them instead of these ladies?

  3. DanM

    Jim, you should know … Pokerati is all about the lovely ladies of poker.

    As always, the principal(s) involved in any editorial content request are welcome to contact me. I am very reachable and will listen to any concerns and respect requests for privacy. But these two screen grabs from the Channel 11 video, in my humble editorial opinion, tell the story of what really happened best. (Kudos to JD Miles’ cameraman.)

    And beyond that, we need to face the fact that the doors of underground poker in dallas have just been kicked in. whether we like it or not, with more than 30 arrests and 100 tickets in 2006, this is now a very public issue … and will become more so as these cases move their way through the court.

    Fortunately, as far as I can tell, few players have anything to be ashamed of for playing the game in the places they played.

  4. jim hughs

    Dan, they are not ashamed and have no reason to be. However, some people because on the nature of their day jobs prefer that their “underground” hobbies be kept private.

    Pokerati is a great venue for players to stay in touch with what is happening out there. I just disagree with the posting of pictures that may be viewed by people who don’t understand our passion and look at poker as a mortal sin.If by chance the people in the pictures work for a neanderthal like that it could have negative repercussions on that persons day job.

  5. Dominick

    Dan, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both of the ladies that are pictured and agree with your position with relationship to editorial content. However, from the people who played at Jackie’s all the time, we would hope that you could remover their picture. The point of the story that this raid was total Bull-Shit won’t be lost without them. Jim also makes a good point that by posting their picture you put them a risk with relationship to their day jobs. Bottom line, it’s the right thing to do.

  6. DanM

    With all due respect, as I have said to everyone concerned about this matter … I might remove the photo immediately were the principals to contact me, which thus far they have not.

    If someone were to get fired from their job for (allegedly) committing a Class-C misdemeanor (the equivalent of a traffic ticket) … then they could have a mighty lawsuit on their hands. At the same time, I am not a lawyer, and I am not looking to cause further harm, so I will disregard my own legal opinion and remove the photo if said ladies contact me so i can understand THEIR concerns. Again, I am very easily reachable — via email, telephone, or blog. In fact, please encourage them to contact me ASAP, so I can remove the photo before people start showing up for work on Monday morning.

    Also, by the way, are those of you who are requesting this editorial change making the same request to Channel 11? They have the same image up on their website — just an FYI, since that is more likely to be seen by non-poker people than anything on Pokerati. And if the Dallas police contact me asking to remove any images that, say, make them look stupid — because, really, someone theoretically could lose their job over this there, too — should I honor their wishes? Just curious — because though I am biased out the yin-yang when it comes to poker, I do try to be fair and journalistically credible on occasion.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk. In fact, read through some of the other comments and you’ll see I have made a few editorial redactions. But so far the only lady involved in the Jackie’s raid that I have heard from are Judy and Beti … and neither of them have made any requests to change the coverage ex-post-facto.

  7. DanM

    NOTE: I did make one change in the meantime … moved the “break” in the story up so that the pictures of the ladies with machine guns in their faces — as powerful as they are — don’t appear on the front page … making it less likely that a non-poker moralist will stumble across the image. Hope that helps at least a little bit.

  8. LP

    Did they happen to raid the whore house next door? You obviously are catching my sarcasm!

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