Online Poker Is Still Rigged; Blackjack, too

by , Dec 20, 2006 | 9:01 am

I’ve returned to the online poker room … have been playing at Ultimate Bet. So far so good, but last night something doubly amazing happened:

I had recently cashed out some profit, left a little something behind and lost that … But when I logged back in ready to redeposit, I had $6.28 in my account … from some sort of bonus deposit thing that accumulates in a way I haven’t yet tried to understand.

Anyhow, I decided to take that 6 bucks and some change and dump it into the blackjack table. Yeah, yeah, I know online blackjack is about as big a loser’s game as they come. But it was pocket change … like spare quarters you toss in the slot machine on your way out of Vegas. If I could somehow get lucky on the first couple hands and from there try to build it up, I was thinking, then I could take it to a low-stakes poker table and see what I could do from there. After about 20 minutes of play — maybe less, really — I had turned that $6 into $1,011. I eventually left the ethereal blackjack table with $800. Very happy, to say the least.

Then, after maybe an hour or so of playing $3/$6 NLH, I had lost it all. Ouchy. Kinda. Talk about a weird way to break even for a night, no? (This time my bonus dollars left a little less than $4 in my UB account … but I was unable to turn that into anything more than $.84.)

2006 has undoubtedly proven to be the year of getting there. But perhaps 2007 needs to be the year of staying there?

2 Comments to “Online Poker Is Still Rigged; Blackjack, too”

  1. Ed

    Come to Bodog. We love your money too! 😛


  2. Bobo

    this is becoming an all too consistant pattern with online sites. Win some, take some out, lose the rest of that asap. Or, try blackjack, win a bunch, and lose it all asap.