Wait, How Does This Internet Thing Work Again?

by , Dec 22, 2006 | 6:16 am

Pokerati is pretty happy about how things turned out in 2006, and our remote Third World sweatshop/think-tank is hard at work preparing for an even better 2007. And part of that means continuing to improve the site itself, to make your experience while visiting slightly less pathetic/irritating.

So, question(s) that I’m hoping one of you uber-internet geeky types or my newfound SEO friends can explain to me … first off, what-the-fug is that strange little snare-drum noise when you refresh the page?!? I can’t for the life of me figure it out, but obviously I had to put it on there somehow.

And second … I have had multiple offers recently from people to host Pokerati on “I have my own server.” (Some complain that the site is still slow-loading as all get-out.) Obviously I’d like to get you our intelligent mass of pixels to you as fast as possible. So what’s the catch? Am I giving anything up by letting someone else with their own interest at hand take over the hosting duties? Or am I just being an ass and not recognizing when someone wants to help just for the sake of being nice? Current host is Startlogic, for whom I have neither love nor hate …

Oh, and while I’m at it on this non-pokery kick … we should all be for the idea of net neutrality, right? Just making sure. Seems to make sense — big nasty cable and telecom companies are bad — but I am still waiting for Mark Cuban to tell me how to think:

10 Comments to “Wait, How Does This Internet Thing Work Again?”

  1. Karridy

    People volunteering to host Pokerati have nothing to gain. Think about it… Unless they are putting ads on your site, what really is in it for them? I guess they can list Pokerati in their client lists. But if it means removing the link to BigMammaQuiltsAndCrafts.com, I doubt they would even make the effort. Take them up on their offers. You’ve got a “gift horse” and you can’t even find the mouth. Oh… Dan.

  2. jackietrehorn

    I like the snare drum sound.

  3. Jeff

    I’m glad you mentioned the drum sound. It’s been driving me crazy for a while, but I didn’t know it was coming from your site. I usually load up about 20 bookmarks at once in Firefox and I hear that sound every day. It looks like it’s coming from the Ultimate Poker Challenge video from your December 12th post: http://www.ultimatepokerchallenge.com/v2/video.swf

  4. Sommer

    Noise is from the two Flash players loading on the page.

  5. Scott Chaffin

    Pathetic? I’m absolutely crushed…

  6. Willie

    On the server thing, I guess it’d be nice to get running for free and all, but say some news site, like digg or fark.com, links to your site. The bandwidth shoots to all hell and the server crashes. Now, instead of having a company who has to report to you and make you happy because you pay them money, someone would have to fix it out of the kindness of their hearts. All I’m saying is, you get what you pay for.

  7. DanM

    What, Scott, you don’t think the people who spend their hard-earned hours reading this site are a little bit on the pathetic side? C’mon, man … you gotta know your readers! And mine … well … you know … they have genetic deficiencies.

  8. Garthmeister J.

    I have an extra chromosome!

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  10. DanM

    Interesting. My own web-host is resorting to comment spam …