Why Poker Isn’t Going Away

by , Dec 27, 2006 | 1:27 pm

This is a long, leftover thought, inspired by some words I ran across in the Miami airport shortly after the PartyPoker Million cruise:

“It is no superficial thing, a fad or moment of a generation. It is as deep as our consciousness and is woven into the fibers of our being. This is the ape and tiger in us, granted, but it is in us, isn’t it?”

Jack London
Dallas Times Herald, July 17, 1910

He’s talking about boxing, not poker. But it still seems relevant, as apparently 100 years ago people were wondering if boxing would fade away into the historical archives. And though it now seems likely that Ultimate Fighting may be the new favorite form of pugilism, the “sport” has had a nice run.

6 Comments to “Why Poker Isn’t Going Away”

  1. SabreKGB

    Ok, i have a question that maybe someone can help me with but is in no way related to the entry.

    My friend and i are looking for a place around here that has any table games (blackjack, roulett, craps, etc). A while back, while playing at the live straddle, we heard from a guy that such a place existed around here but neither of us can remember whene it is or what it was called.

    Does anyone know if such a place actually exists and if so, what’s the number? He’d really like to play some table games without having to drive to shreveport. Thanks guys, and pokerati rocks.

  2. DanM

    Um, uh … sure, of course … here is a map.

  3. SabreKGB

    Yeah, nice…*rolls eyes*

  4. iggy

    awesome quote and point.

  5. irish-mike

    In 1875 a writer for the New York Times “was forced to the conclusion that the national game is not baseball but poker.”
    “Rich or poor, high or low’ good or bad, male or female yield to the fascinations of Poker,” another observer wrote in 1889.

  6. irish-mike

    We have glorified the game and condemned it. It has been the game of presidents Americans are in love with poker; but it’s hardly a sudden infatuation. For more than 150 and dockworkers, immigrants, housewives, and professional gamblers.