Playboy is so rigged!

by , Jan 28, 2007 | 1:12 pm

I suppose not all new poker rooms opening up in these shakiest of online times are fly-by-night operations. Now open (for non-Americans): PlayboyGaming. Hugh Hefner apparently sees now as a good time to “buy.”

Connected to it: Playboy Poker Camp … a Chris Moneymaker venture, with lessons taught by David Williams, Antonio Esfandiari, and Jim “Krazy Kanuck” Worth … and various Playmate bunnies serving as chaperons. What I think was the first one just concluded last weekend. Considering the success of WPT Boot Camps and other poker schools, I can’t imagine why the semi-rich poker fish who wanna know why they keep losing money to all those young punks wouldn’t choose to polish their skills in a place where Steve Dannenman can score big.

Blog note: What happened to Bobby Bracelet? I was looking for his Steve D. in the Zoo story and couldn’t find it, or much of anything else.

8 Comments to “Playboy is so rigged!”

  1. Michele Lewis

    Hmmmmmm, I’m not sure any man would want to surround himself with beautiful half naked women while trying to learn how to play cards.

  2. Bob

    Noooo… that’s why The Lodge in Dallas is so empty on Sundays… Right, Dan?


  3. bob

    well…., I’m not sure any guy would want to surround himself with almost naked women while trying to learn how to play cards because they may like it but…it would distract them and they wouldnt learn how to play cards!

  4. george

    well…im gay so i like guys and i wouldnt want a naked girl around me when im learning how to play cards it wouldnt be distracting it just wouldnt be to my likeings id rather have a totally hott naked guy! but to you straight guys i think they wouldnt have a problem with it because they can learn cards another time they dont get a chance like this everyday but id priferr a HOTT naked guy!!! =]


  5. jessica

    well….. i may not be guyy but i stilll loveeeee girls….. but if i was learning how to play cards i would LOVE to have a girl naked whil im playing cards i probly wouldnt even play cards id be with the girl havin sum funn=]
    welll im a vergin and i lovee girls sooo for you girls out there im a sexyy hott horny tight girl waiting for you!!!! but as of the fact i would love a girl siting there naked n i think a guy would to !!

    sexyy girls call mwe at 454-4638

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  7. Tim B.

    illiteracy is so hot…

  8. Fresh Princess

    YOUure’ sew rite.