Drive-Thru Poker

by , Feb 10, 2007 | 10:42 pm


When I go to Vegas I usually can rely on three guarantees:

1. A nice chat with David Levi and Freddie Deeb
2. A great poker game
3. Wonderful Food at The Bellagio

Looks like I deserve a refund as I didn’t receive any of these things. I felt like Charlie Brown trick or treating on Halloween. “All I got was a rock.”

But I can’t complain because I was there less than 24 hours. I flew in for the UPC Ladies Event only to bust out short-stacked due largely to the fast structure. In fact, I have decided to only play the big $5k and $10k events. Anyone interested in backing me, shoot me an email. insert smiley here.

[ed note: :)]

I made a few accomplishments. Not only did I catch up with about five friends but had some noteworthy poker player sightings as well: Mary Jones, Amy Calistri, Susie Isaacs, Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, Anjela Brunson and Lacey Jones.

I’m anxious to see if Amy posts about how I laid down pocket jacks pre-flop to her pocket aces. Wow, I hope she wasn’t just saying that to make me feel better.

And last, I don’t want to make you boys jealous but Maryann Morrison, who hosted the UPC event, wanted Lacey Jones and I to meet. Lacey had to run on to a Venetian tournament but she did leave me a nice note with her email and phone number. And, NO! You can not have it.

Wait, one more thang. Until yesterday I had only seen Anjela Brunson from a distance. I had always thought she was pretty but yesterday I noticed she is in fact drop dead gorgeous.

Pictured: Lacey Jones (left-click for more), Anjela Brunson (right)

11 Comments to “Drive-Thru Poker”

  1. Neko the Poker Hound

    Interesting article. Lacy Jones in definately a hottie. What I am curious about, is that with all of the television documentation of woemen who were less attractive than the new batch. Do men still play you differently and underestimate the skill levels required for you to play in the bigger games?

    While I can appreciate that the chatter would definately increase when some hottie shows up at the table, does the actual PLAY change as you see it? Personally, I have always played women the same as men and tried just as hard to bust them out of a table (not that taking all of anyones money at the table has ever been my greatest skill). I just seriously doubt that I am the majority.

    I wouldn’t think it would happen at the higher levels. But somehow I guess people are still going to be people and most men can’t change the fact that they just get dumb around pretty women.

    Just curious.

  2. Fresh Princess

    Great Question Neko

    As always in poker…it depends. Some players go with the assumption that all women play tight and they will stay out of your way if you make a raise or re-raise. You can bluff these players because even if they think you might be bluffing they know it’s a small chance and it’s not risk their stack. Other men will try to push me out of a pot when I have the nuts betting my hand for me the whole way. Some men pick on me (as they pick on everyone) while others are sweet and play me soft.
    Two of the eight men at my WSOP final table said “If I don’t win, I’m rooting for you.”
    In general…the better players show more respect.

  3. DanM

    Michele, that’s a little presumptuous to think Neko was talking about you as a “hottie,” no?

  4. Fresh Princess

    What are you talking about? My answer was to his question…

    …does the actual PLAY change as you see it?

    LIKE, I would be sooooo VAIN? I’m, like, soo, sure, ohmygosh!

  5. AmyC

    It was a great lay down. I did, indeed, have two black aces. For all the good they did me – I still was bubble girl (again), finishing 26th out of a paid 25. sigh

  6. DanM

    Amy, I miss you. You gonna make it north for the pokerati invitational?

  7. Fresh Princess

    Amy, thanks for validating my one good play of the evening. Yes, will you make the invitational? Dan is going to wear a dress.

  8. Karridy

    …And as Tom has bitched out (aka playing a major that weekend), I will be sporting the ’05 PI Tiara. Which unlike Dan’s dress, is rather unusual.

  9. DanM


  10. Fresh Princess

    Hey, hey! Take outside, boys.

  11. Jen Leo Hits Lucky 7-7-7

    […] I enjoy the company of Susie Isaacs, but wasn’t thrilled to see her pull up a chair at my table. But as I looked around the room, I saw there were no easy tables. Barbara Enright and 2006 WSOP Women’s Champ Mary Jones were there. Michele “The Black Widow” Lewis was at the table behind me.  I saw Barry Shulman – which only meant on thing: Allyn Jaffrey Shulman was in the hood.  Carolyn Ford was there (I played with her during the 2006 Orleans Open – she finished 3rd and I finsihed 10 off the bubble).  She also finished up 2006 by making four final tables in Reno.  Lacey Jones and Anjela Brunson were there.  And I recognized at least two dozen women from final tables I have witnessed over the years.  […]