Jamie Gold admits: “I got lucky” and more

by , Mar 12, 2007 | 2:40 pm

Like way more … and hence the power of a net-savvy poker media willing to “upset” a poker player. Seriously, maddest props to RawVegas.tv as they continue to kick some technological, pseudojournalistic ass …

In this video, Jamie Gold finally gets real — or at least semi-real — acknowledging that he is not a “great” player, he definitely got lucky, and making himself subject to the Crispin Leyser lawsuit may have been bad form.

“I really screwed some things up,” Gold says. “There [were] several times where as the guys from Wicked Chops so aptly put it, that I basically monkey-fucked a football when it came to handling my success.”

Awesome. Jamie Gold is my new best friend. Now all he has to do is say about 1 million Hail Marys and he can go on to being a real ambassador for the game.

17 Comments to “Jamie Gold admits: “I got lucky” and more”

  1. Fresh Princess

    He was humble, answered a lot of questions, got to the point, I like it.

  2. jen

    I agree Fresh Princess. He was long overdue for this little confessional of sorts…but it is better late than never.

  3. Jamie D

    What impresses me the most, if my read on him is correct, is that he is not reading this from a script. It was edited, as I could tell from some of the footage, but he seems real sincere and human. We are all human and we all make mistakes.

  4. Jamie D

    And besides, if you have not seen his appearance on High Stakes Poker, then you missed a great episode where he is fed some serious humble pie, more than the one time he mentions in this video. He played way too many hands and tried to make a few too many moves as well.

    But all in all, he seemed to be very modest at the table, like he was here in the video.

  5. DanM

    Wow, you all are such malleable bandwagoneers … jump on to hate him, jump on to love him. What I really like is his George Bushian smirk.

  6. Jamie D

    “What I really like is his George Bushian smirk.”


  7. Ed

    man that lighting sucked. the whole time all i could see was this floating head spewing out shit. maybe he gained some weight or something…but i mean it looked weird…check out that neck it looks like a blob or something just dripping from his head. almost thought he was wearing some body stocking that went up over his neck but no…i think it was shitty lighting.


  8. DanM

    Jamie, meet Ed, one of Pokerati’s standout commenters … he’s kinda twisted in the brainstem, so don’t take his insults to your physicality too personally. At the same time, be very afraid if you see a tall, lanky white dude following you around with scissors and lotion.

  9. Ed

    It puts the lotion on its skin to make the neck normal again!

  10. jen

    I never said I liked him….I just thought it was high time he came back down to the planet. It was nice to see that he could come across a genuine person.I still have disgusting visions of his little self-made papparazi camera crew following him around the last two or three days of the main event…and blueberries….I just will never be able to look at them the same way.

    And Ed…yes horrible lighting….that glare on his glasses….but that is a discussion for another place and time.

  11. Donkey Bomber

    What did you screw up Jamie? Was it that you listened to other people who had your best interests in mind? That is what I got out of this video. What is that?

    That’s much like when you go to a job interview and the interviewer asks you “what are your weaknesses?” Your answer needs to be something that is a negative that you surprisingly turn into a positive. ‘Sometimes I work too hard and my boss will get mad at me for putting the company first’.

    This supposed confession didn’t really confess much other than he thinks he screwed up, but he doesn’t tell us why or how, other than taking advice from people. I would have liked to hear something like “my attorney told me how I could get by without paying a guy and I listened to him”

    In order to get people behind you again, you need to come clean. Just saying you screwed up doesn’t mean much. Would you say it was a screw-up if the press never got a hold of it and turned it into a big deal? If it didn’t tarnish your image, would you have admitted making a mistake? I’m actually glad this whole Jamie Gold thing happened. Why? Some people in poker are revered for being these great guys, unfortunately, several are not and I’m tired of having certain people being idolized. Oh well, it’s in our culture I guess. Some people are going to pay huge money to see Michael Jackson in Vegas, nuf said.

    It seems as though people only ask forgiveness when they get caught. I guess they don’t need it otherwise. Too bad Alan Cunningham didn’t win. He truly is a wonderful guy.

    Tom Schneider

  12. zach

    As long as he tiped the dealers. I’m cool with him

  13. Garry

    I’m sure this could be an attempt to get some of the endorsement deals anybody else would have had at this point. Jamie Gold is just a marked card at this point he should be discarded.

  14. Pat M

    You might want to permalink the video; the Jamie Gold interview’s been replaced with some Celebrity Minute bullcrap.

  15. DanM

    We’ll cut our good good mercenary friends at Raw Vegas a little slack. apparently a lot of people were watching that jamie gold video, and they’re trying to figure out, holy shit, how do monetize this!

    eventually they will figure it out, right?

  16. snake

    Garry, time for endorsement deals has probably passed and there’s not really much money there anyway for pro players right now…not as much as many would think…

    Btw, crazy to think we’re just 4 months from a new champion.

  17. Tim B.

    That’s much like when you go to a job interview and the interviewer asks you “what are your weaknesses?” Your answer needs to be something that is a negative that you surprisingly turn into a positive. ‘Sometimes I work too hard and my boss will get mad at me for putting the company first’.

    so THAT explains my poor interviewing skills…

    ill have to work on that, but its hard to turn “im a lazy asshole, really hard to work with, and an all-around cockknocker in general. did i mention im smarter than you?” into a positive…