Joe Sebok & Gavin Smith, You’ve been challenged!

by , Apr 30, 2007 | 6:43 pm

Looks like it was a busy weekend for some. I had to pass on my invitation to the Playboy Mansion (yes, seriously, I was invited) as it conflicted with The Cattle Baron’s Ball (which I have worked on all year). Of course, all of my Cattle Baron friends thought I was crazy to pass up on an exciting evening with bunnies but I think I might make it next year.

My husband actually didn’t want to miss the Gala because he had plans to work on some of his new skills. And when I say new, I mean this was his second attempt at what you will see below. Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith, I think you may have a challenge here.

Please don’t try this at home:

22 Comments to “Joe Sebok & Gavin Smith, You’ve been challenged!”

  1. terry lewis

    the ride before that one was much better but I got major skills for a fat guy after only 12 jack daniels’ “neat”…I made that bull my bitch

  2. Lavigne in Austin

    poor bull.

  3. Fresh Princess

    12 Jack Daniels? You told me it was only 4!!!!

    No comment on the rest…

  4. Fresh Princess

    Thanks Lavigne, I didn’t have the heart to say it.

    Bareback Mountain.

  5. terry lewis

    i beleive they were doing each other and maybe the sheep wait thats at A&M.

  6. terry lewis

    and Michele the 4 was in inches not 12 but 3×4=12

  7. DanM

    Umm … Go Poker! (?)

  8. DanM

    I also think I know what I am getting the Lewis family for Hanukkah.

  9. Fresh Princess

    Terry wants to bet Gavin a last longest.

  10. AIgo

    Great to see you both and I am sorry I did not get to see the bullride in person. 😉

  11. Adam Lewis

    Terry, you know how i know your gay… cause you passed up on the playboy mansion to go ride that stupid mechanical bull!

  12. terry lewis

    adam it doesn’t change the fact that last week, i asked you where you are and you said you were in dallas blowing a friend. that is how i know you ARE gay in addition to the handjob you triied to give at the ranch last year.I don’t care if you are my 1/2 bro it is still gay and save it for your louisianna relatives.

  13. Fresh Princess

    That was a good one on both parts. But I have to say…Terry didn’t you blow off the Playboy Mansion to help raise money to fight Cancer?
    Maybe you should get a job on
    You have the skillz

  14. terry lewis

    Thanks Mrs. Sexy Lokkin at your hot pics right now.

  15. Adam Lewis

    Terry, you know all too well that if we conducted a round table of our inner circle, there would be no one at the table who would defend you as a straight man, or as one who doesn’t believe in incest. i mean come on, eric finn is your best friend… enough said.

  16. terry lewis

    I believe you have seen deliverance one too many times…………squuuuuuuuuuuueeeel

  17. terry lewis

    Further come to vegas for fathers day and i will bet you a last longest at gilleys put your money where your mouth is or zip it…faux pas not there actually.

  18. Adam Lewis

    I’ll tell you what i’ve seen too many times… you making unintelligible responses to comments on this site with no logical backing or reasoning in the first place. oh, and you losing at a poker table

  19. terry lewis

    One last time and then no more. PUT UP or SHUT UP biznatch

  20. Adam Lewis

    i would sooner lose with a straight flush to two pair than loose to you at anything requiring athletic ability or alcoholic endurance

  21. terry lewis

    comment 19 stands

  22. DanM

    See, it’s about brotherhood …