World Poker Tour Party

by , Apr 21, 2007 | 10:39 am

LAS VEGAS–It was a late night Thursday at the WPT party (at Light, in the Bellagio) with Chops (Wicked Chops Poker) and Chris Porter (Poker Royalty). While I can’t say my appearance split The Red Sea, I can say I had a swell time.

Like, ohmygosh, who, was, like thaaare?

I’m sure all you fellas would have been happy to take my seat next to Karina Jett (now with Full Tilt) and Evelyn Ng. Evelyn will be missing the Bellagio main event today to honor appearance commitments in North Carolina and Virginia this week. Karina left early with some guy named Chip (also now with Full Tilt), and were quickly replaced by cigar-toting Amir Vahedi and girlfriend Christy. Amir was kind enough to show us some dance moves, but was challenged by Devilfish (who often mistakes me for Mimi Rogers). David Ulliot not only played guitar on his leg, but also did some thrusting dance moves on the table. This is hard for any man (except for these or maybe these) to beat.

Ever polite and sweet Thor Hansen had brought along a group of young guys with stars in their eyes. Evelyn graciously went over to say hello after Thor suggested her appearance would make the young men’s evening.

CardPlayer was there with video on hand to catch all the action and I had to turn them down like 14 times for an interview. So, they reluctantly interviewed some other players named Gavin Smith, Layne Flack, Devilfish, Jeff Madsen, Mike Sexton, Evelyn and Clonie.

Thanks Choppy Poo and Chris. I had tons of fun.

UPDATE: Here’s the wild and crazy CardPlayer video report. Woo woo!

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