The Morton Downey, Jr. of Poker?

by , Apr 21, 2007 | 6:47 pm

mort.jpgFirst off, since we’re makin’ fun … let’s give some due props to our friends at CardPlayer — their new CardPlayerTV section (new to me at least) I gotta say is pretty damn good … from a functional interactive internet layout user-friendly usability perspective, very well done. As to the content itself, well that’s another story:

Just have a gander at “The Mouthpiece,” starring/featuring/all-about Mike Matusow. Wow, and you thought some of CP’s favorite poker pros-cum-writers were bad …

I did find two interesting timestamps, however … 1) at 2:20 he starts a bit that ends with a vociferous “Fuck off!” … and 2) at 15:00 Matusow panders to endorse non-overtly pokery products such as Vitamin Water (pink bottle) and Ritalin.

Now if only CardPlayer were willing to let us embed these videos in our own sites, people might actually watch them regularly enough to elicit good-ole-fashioned commercials from companies without affiliate codes or deposit bonuses.

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