C’mon … House!

by , May 10, 2007 | 4:17 am

The Thursday calendar is out. Poker is on page 21 of 23.


It seems the other side (who that really is, I’m not sure) made its straight on the turn and we’re lookin’ for a boat on the river. Or quads … Ten-outer.

ALT HED: Not-so-Super/System


7 Comments to “C’mon … House!”

  1. Karridy

    “The Thursday calendar is out”. Time to distance yourself from the jargon and read as a reader again. For the sake of all,… What is the Thursday Calendar; Why is it out; What does that mean for us?

  2. Woody

    What a joke. Even worse if you factor in that the last page consists of “resolutions” recognizing various people/organizations (i.e., not legislation).

  3. JJ

    Can you give us some perspective? How many pages of bills do they get through in a typical day? Do we really have 10 outs, or are we drawing dead to a turned straight flush?

  4. DanM

    It meant, “the thursday calendar has been published and placed online for download, linkage, and/or perusal.”

  5. Bundas

    Im Watching this live it’s 1:50 pm there is no way they get to the bill we are waiting for unless they burn the midnight oil (Don’t think So)

  6. Bundas

    wow thats a Job we all need, they started at 9am and they are going home at 3pm and Im sure there was a lunch hour in there also..

    Thats It I have decided !! Im moving to Vegas all I need is a Job Dan Karridy, Tom , Michelle and one have any stings they can pull to get me a Job..

    Im Not Kidding will be House hunting next wensday and will be out there full time first week in June

  7. JJ

    So they’re done for the day? That’s it, man down!?