Re: More Important than Poker (2)

by , May 10, 2007 | 7:00 pm

Lavigne in Austin just called me with something close to a concession speech. He won’t say it’s definitely not gonna get through, but he would be surprised. They’ve made it about halfway through the calendar in about eight hours. We have until midnight by house rule to get this done.

Lavigne says he has seen them disable the clock before so they could go past the deadline, but that seems unlikely … because what we have been seeing go on right now is something called “chubbing” — where people on the same side of an issue ask each other questions simply as a delay tactic. Apparently there is some very contentious bill on page 19 or 20 … and many of the members would rather not get to that. If they do, then it will have a long debate.

“We’re getting blinded out,” Lavigne says.

This reminds me of watching the UIGEA go down … with the clock ticking it looked like they might not get to that. But there, the man with the gavel (Sen. Bill Frist) had every reason to make sure they did. Not the case here with Speaker Craddick.

Meanwhile, in the Florida Legislature, they flew through the gambling and poker bills — correcting some betting limit problems passed in the last session — even though it upsets some of the conservative bedrocks of that state.

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  1. Brian

    It’s the first one on page 20. HB 904 (Zedler) would ban government-built day labor centers. They’re trying not to get to that one.

    We’re drawing dead.

  2. Ed

    I wonder how these fools would feel if they had a fire…and the fire dept too hours to get there and put it out. That is how this feels.


  3. Scott Chaffin

    So what are we gonna do for the (minimum) next two years? What we’ve always done. We don’t need politicians, as nice as it would be to be viewed as legal in the eyes of the Baptists and John Law.

    So, piss on ’em, and back to the drawing board. We’re smarter than they are, and we need to exploit that, instead of tugging forelocks and hoping for their forbearance.

  4. Anonymous Asshole

    I hate saying “I told you so.” Anyway, onto the crappy Indian’s to the north. Any updates re: the new Winstar poker room? I had first hand reports from a fellow poker player that the wait last Sat. was 8 FLIPPIN hours up. Apparently everyone and their dog went up there for the splashing of the pots they were talking about.

    Thanks for the effort guys. I’ll do my best to keep my $$$ (given or received) local but it is getting a bit tougher these days with doors getting kicked down by vice or swat & then other rooms getting robbed (a few weeks ago you posted that.) I’m thinking about hitting the stupid tent to the north this weekend for a ROCK session given that so many people want to deposit their money to the north.

    AA out

  5. Ed

    Had a friend go to Winstar on Sunday and said there was no list. Biggest complaint he had was some dealer chick doing chip tricks with chips from the pot.


  6. Tim B.

    ill tell you what we do over the next two years. we make an effort to actually ELECT poker-friendly reps, as many as we can. one of the worst things about governement is also one of the best things: the wheels turn SLOWLY, so its hard to do TOO much damage (or good) in too short a period of time… which means, i think its entirely possible to feel ok with the idea of supporting someone who is pro-poker even if they are otherwise total asshats… because odds are they wont be able to get up to all THAT much in the way of asshat-hijinks in the time they have in office, probably wont get elected to a second term, but may well be the little extra bit of support that tips the balance next time.

    it would probably also be good if we could actually get the more respectable poker-playing folks from around the state to actually RUN for rep in their district. they wont win, most likely, but maybe their “poker in texas” platform will keep the issue annoyingly in front of voters and candidates.

    i dunno, i just cant see how this doesnt happen again next time around if we dont manage to get more support in government for what we’re trying to do.

    it might also be a good idea to nail down which reps are dead-set against it no matter what, which ones are all for it, and most importantly, the ones that are on the fence. then find out from those guys what it is that makes them hesitant about supporting it, and trying to satisfy those objections where possible… so that in two years, right out of the chute, maybe we can introduce a bill that will just fly right through the process…

    id love to get some of the footage from the A&E raid, or any other raids where there was video taken, and put together a political advertisement showing paramilitary police breaking up CARD GAMES with a message along the lines of “your tax dollars at work”…

    maybe its all just wishful thinking… but i figure “right now” is the time to start planning if we want the best chance possible next time around…

  7. Ed

    “id love to get some of the footage from the A&E raid”

    What footage? What raid? Please look into the device I am holding while I put on my sunglasses.


  8. DanM

    So what I wanna know is what’s going to happen to underground poker?

    My guess is it will re-thrive, and then the cops will start busting … and then the defendants will keep plea-bargaining … it will all simply be a cost of doing business.

    Just a guess, and I got a little scotchy tonight.

  9. Poker Shrink

    I’m tagging you for seven random facts. I’ve posted 7 ( and now you must post 7. (Don’t blame me, Maudie started it and Amy got me; hard to resist those blogger babes)

  10. DanM

    Am I going to have to come to Vegas and kick your ass, Dr. Tim?

    I miss you, by the way …