Re: Poker Poser Headed to Hoosegow

by , May 13, 2007 | 3:34 am

Really good story in yesterday’s Star-Telegram about the rise and fall of Eon Marshall, grandmaster of It gives a little background on Marshall from his pre-poker days … where he seemed to be running something scammy in California … and talks about a semi-religious tale of Eon’s showing up in his signature white limo for a neighborhood Bunko game.

OK, really, I’m not gonna pick on him … too easy to kick a jackass when he’s down. But it’s an interesting reminder about what happened to at least some of the con-men out there who tried to bank it big during the early days of the American poker boom.

Click below to read some of the comments I got via not-for-attribution email about the pleasure that went with this federal-court affirmation that certain types really don’t get to live the good life … at least not for long:

I’ve never been as happy as this morning when I read about Eon Marshall. I can’t get the smile off my face.

thanks, np.
and really, I just can’t stop smiling/chuckling at that news/that look on my face. Moral? When I offer a chop, take it.

While I’m not usually delighted in one’s misfortune or unfortunate circumstances, I clearly am elated to discover yet another lottery winner has ultimately gone down in a blaze of ill gotten glory. This certainly makes up for the time when this chiseled crested chump bad beat me on the river for a $1,900 cash pot with his runner runner heart draw flush to be my set of Aces on the flop over there at that KGB joint.

*nods head and realizes one less bad beat artist is no longer on the loose*

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