Friday the Poker 13th?

by , Jul 13, 2007 | 8:11 pm

LAS VEGAS–It should be noted that today is the day the 270-day enforcement grace period for the UIGEA expires. But the Treasury Department has been unable to come up with a plan to force American banks to enforce the legally questionable act. While some of us — including yours truly — expected this July 13 marker to prove very dramatic and telling for the future of online poker, it’s actually been rather anti-climactic. Hardly a peep about it at the WSOP … neither Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, nor Otis has been arrested.

A court case that could lead to the overturning of the act is scheduled now for September 4.

More on iMega vs. the UIGEA here.

And here.

One Comment to “Friday the Poker 13th?”

  1. Ed

    So I guess I should just keep growing the bankroll and see what happens?