North Texas Money Guys

by , Jul 12, 2007 | 8:56 pm

LAS VEGAS–Josh Evans crossed over … he’s got about 420k. So did Vandy Krouch, also with about 420k. Both guys are guaranteed more than $20,000 … and have a shot at $8.25 million.

There were some other North Texas players I saw on the official roster for today — but not sure of their stati.

Also not sure about Jerry Randack. He was relatively short stacked going into today, and I didn’t see him on first perusal of the remaining 60something tables. (Jerry’s a hard guy to miss.) So it looks grim as to whether or not he survived atmospheric re-entry, but we’re not ready to write him off as dead, yet.

UPDATE: Jerry is dead. I mean not like Eskimo Clark dead or Lady Bird Johnson deceased (God Bless Texas). But the 2007 Pokerati Invitational runner-up is out, finishing just shy of the money. Nice-ish go, Jerry!

Huck Seed, by the way, is near the chip lead — and I’m rooting against him. I dropped him from my fantasy team just two weeks ago — for virtually no reason other than to make room for Danny Wong, who I haven’t even seen at the WSOP. Would hate to see Seed get paid off for my poor fantasy play.

UPDATE: Vandy is out. From one of his friend’s in Dallas:

vandy got popped in 474, set of 6’s and the guy hit his set of Q’s on the turn. That started the popping…anyway very exciting.

Congratulations, Krouch! Way to do North Texas poker proud … and I am sure there are a few folks who are more than happy to see you with an extra $29,883 in your bankroll.

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  1. judy

    Josh now has a little less than 685,000. Knocked someone out with a bigger straight!!! Happened right before dinner break.

  2. DanM

    judy, i know this is not relevant for our coverage of your son’s pursuits to go deeper and deeper, but i really miss your cooking. they were the best free/$200 meals in town.

  3. jim hughs

    Judy, what about the call? Josh, I still have what I told Jason I had earlier. Good luck.

  4. Clark K


  5. Aunt Cindy


    Awsome, Grandma Tootie is standing there with you lovin every minute of it. Congratulations. Remember all of us at the table at Christmas when I attacked Jamey in the kitchen. I knew then you were serious with your personized poker chips. I am proud of you. Tell the family hello and keep in touch.

    Lots of love,

    Cindy, Callie & Tyler


    Callie is having another baby boy around October 1st.

  6. judy

    Jim, Ive been texting everyone on mass texts but I should remember that you are special and deserve more than a text. I’ll call ya in just a bit. Dan, I truly miss cooking for you!! Keep going Josh, Youre doin great!! I love You!!! MOM

  7. Woody

    Vandy made CP’s (ghast) Day 3 summary for bursting the bubble by cracking someone’s Q-Q with 5s-6s (I think).

  8. Grammar Nazi

    “From one of his friend’s in Dallas:”

    This apostrophe should not be here!

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