Re: Big Omaha Game Robbed in Dallas

by , Jul 19, 2007 | 8:56 am

Julian in Dallas writes back with official (but terse?) information about last night’s armed poker robbery. Says the DPD vice unit deputy chief:

We had an Aggravated Robbery about 12:30 AM, at 13340 Audelia, #108. The offense location is a high stakes poker game room. Three suspects entered the game room with a rifle and shotgun. Shots were fired. Twelve people were robbed of a significant amount of money. One person was shot.

So there you have it. No word on whether or not anyone the injured player was transported to the hospital. But generally, getting shot really hurts.

ALT HED: Oklahoma Anyone?

10 Comments to “Re: Big Omaha Game Robbed in Dallas”

  1. Sodapop

    Oklah sounds good. you and i should go murder those 2-5 games 😀

  2. Woody

    Damn. I know most of the guys that play/work that game. Most folks carried quite a large bankroll. More importantly, I hope they’re all okay.

  3. Ed

    This is why I am sticking to Bodog and/or Choctaw. I feel a little safer doing both. Plus I love my microlimit PL (anywhere from .05/.10 to .50/1.00) games. I have made over $700 this month (~$11/hr) and hoping to see $1k before it is up! Woot.


  4. Crow

    Well, This really sucked to be in that situation….it was three men..two of which came in with an AK47 and the other with a sawed-off 12g soon as they came in they popped off 2 shots from the AK47 and 1 from the 12 gauge….that got everyones attention…(trust me everyone hit the floor)…..most of you should know who I am and then some might not….anyway “DAN” if you want some more on this the email me…I was there and it was not something I want to go through again!!!!

  5. Fawcett

    Ummmm….fuck that.

  6. DanM

    One of these days a player is going to shoot back. Could get ugly – we are in Texas after all.

    Or, the game will have an undercover police officer sitting in it when it gets robbed, and who knows what could happen from there.

    Just sucks that it has to be this way. Poker is legal in Texas, after all … just a few quirks in the laws that prevent someone from making a living by making a home game more comfortable and secure.

  7. DanM

    Speaking of security … does anyone know what the security situation was like at this game?

  8. Woody

    Locked door with video cameras. Operators thought they recognized one of the perps. Unclear whether it was actually him or not.

  9. Venita

    How did they disguise two AK-47s and a shotgun from the cameras?

  10. Bess

    I spoke with an individual well connected to Dallas PD as well as other PD’s around the area. He is a former officer and now a well known community leader in the Metroplex. He said that different chiefs have different attitudes about busting games, and that some areas would naturally be safer than others. He said simply look at a map and you will see that some communities are more tolerant of a harmless activity that is associated with trouble less often than running a curbside hotdog stand.